Dani Klein Modisett talks marriage advice, standup comedy and her new book!

I interviewed Dani Klein Modisett about her first book at the world famous ‘The Improv’ in West Hollywood (youtube interview). It’s called “Take My Spouse Please” inspired by a class she taught at UCLA. Dani is a comic and relationship expert. She spoke to some of the biggest comics in the world about what it takes to make a marriage work and put it in a book for people who want a little humor with their marital advice. Even if you are not married and are just looking for love this is a book that answers the questions we all have about love, how to make it work and ‘is it me?’

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 4.06.11 PMShe spoke with Carl Reiner, Jerry Stiller, Ben Stiller, Jim Gaffigan, Patricia Heaton and more who have made marriage work despite the hectic schedule and demands of being in the entertainment business.

I love her humor and energy that flows off the page with the keys to marital success by using the rules of comedy. She is embarking on a 11 city tour starting in October hopscotching the US and the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and bookstores.

If you want to see Dani Live and get your booked sign see the schedule and where to buy the book on her site http://www.daniklein.com

Like Dani says it’s not that your doing something wrong it’s that you need someone who is also interested in a relationship that has skin in the game.

—-“This book makes you realize how valuable laughter is in a marriage. Buy it for your spouse and add years to your relationship.”—BEN STILLER, actor 

—-“My wife Estelle and I had the good fortune of being married for 65 years. When anyone asked her about making a marriage last she always replied, ‘Marry someone who can stand being with you.’ A wonderful, humorous read for anyone in a marriage or thinking of being in one.”—CARL REINER, director and actor

—“My wife and I are either killing or bombing in our marriage, and Dani’s book explains how that’s actually a good thing. Finally, some validation that a marriage between two insane people can be a beautiful thing.”—JIM GAFFIGAN, comedian

Sampling of Some of The Couples Interviewed/Featured

  • Jerry Stiller, married 60 years
  • Emmy Winner Patricia Heaton (“Everybody Loves Raymond,” currently on “The Middle” and David Hunt
  • Emmy Winner John Riggi (“30 Rock,”) and David Wendelman
  • Emmy Winner Dan Bucatinsky and director Don Roos
  • Emmy Winner Lew Schneider (“Everybody Loves Raymond,” currently co-EP “The Goldbergs”) and wife Liz Abbe
  • Winnie Holtzman (writer of “Wicked”) and character actor Paul Dooley
  • Composer Mike Stoller (of “Leiber and Stoller”) and wife harpist Corky Hale
  • Alysia Reiner (“Orange is the New Black,” “How to Get Away with Murder,”) and David Basche (“The Exes”)


Lori Alan talks Putting for Pups Golf & Gala

1. How did you get involved with No to Dog Meat
Lori AlanOne of my best friends from college (Fia Perera) asked if I wanted to help organize a demonstration outside the Hollywood Bowl during the “Chinese Splendor.” Having served on my Union’s Board I was relatively experienced with organizing people, so I said, “Sure. What’s it for?” When Fia told me it was for the dog (and cat) meat trade and that a torture food culture even existed, I immediately knew I had to be a part of the solution.
2. When did you first learn of the UK based non profit

When Fia and I were researching organizations for this demonstration, we came across the NoToDogMeat website and found they had readily available materials for us to print and use. We explored the site further and began a dialogue with the org’ founder Julia Cadet. After learning more about the programs and frontline efforts NoToDogMeat was creating, we decided we wanted to start a U.S. chapter. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

3. What can the average person do to help with No to Dog Meat if they aren’t in the LA metro area
Help educate people. This is a barbaric practice that doesn’t just happen in “other countries”. It also happens right here in America. It happens in communities you would never think it would and dogs by the thousands are being stolen to fulfill this evil industry. So educate others, help protect all dogs, and donate money to organizations making a direct impact like NoToDogMeat. We have a direct link on our website and please join our mailing list on our website as well to stay abreast of what we are doing. Start a chapter in your city or town!
4. Are you a dog and/or cat lover
Yes, I grew up with both. My first dog was a Saint Bernard and I would hang on his neck to cry…to love him…he was my everything. We also had a cat named ‘Pyewacket’ named from the play “Bell, Book & Candle” that my actress mother was doing at the time. I was extremely allergic to her, but I would try to pretend like I wasn’t because I loved her so much. If I could I think I would live with more canines and felines than humans :-) :-)
5. Who’s your best pet friend and why
For the first time I have a small dog named ‘Bumble’. I found him on the street – he was hanging out at a gas station – the week after my beloved ‘Harry’ dog passed away. I thought I would help find him a home, but I quickly realized he was home. He’s the sweetest, cuddliest boy who looks like a small human in a dog costume.


Elaine Hendrix talks NotoDogMeat and Dog Lover

Image result for putting for pups
Elaine Hendrix is currently starring in the new FX series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll! but we all know her from the movies that include The Parent Trap, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Inspector Gadget 2,  SNL’s Superstar, Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion or the cult classic What the Bleep Do We Know?! as well as from popular series “Two and a Half Men”, “The Client List”, “NCIS: Los Angeles”, “Castle”, “The Mentalist”, “Criminal Minds”,  “CSI: Miami”, the new “90210″, “Joan of Arcadia” and the holiday TV movies: “Anything But Christmas”, “Mr. St. Nick” and “The Munster’s Scary Little Christmas.” She’s a classically-trained dancer at home on the stage where she’s played ‘Blanche DuBois’ in “Streetcar Named Desire” with Tony nominated director Randal Myler, on Off-Broadway doing the hit show “It’s Just Sex”, and in endless local shows from one coast to another, especially Los Angeles.
1. How did you get involved with No to Dog Meat
I’ve been an animal activist for over a decade and work on issues across the board for animals. Specifically with NoToDogMeat, my friends Fia Perera and Lori Alan asked me to join their efforts, and I definitely couldn’t say “no.” When I learned in greater detail what goes on in the dog meat (and cat meat) industry, there’s simply no way I couldn’t do something more. It’s unfathomable what happens to these poor dogs and cats.
2. When did you first learn of the UK based non profit 
Being in the animal activism world, I have met or at least heard of most major organizations, so I already had a vague notion of who NoToDogMeat was. Plus, I had already been a part of many demonstrations against the dog meat trade, so I was especially familiar with the issue. It was when my friends Fia Perera and Lori Alan started the US Chapter of NoToDogMeat that I really became involved and learned more of what exactly NoToDogMeat is doing. I HIGHLY recommend visiting NoToDogMeat.com to learn more. It will blow your mind.
3. What can the average person do to help with No to Dog Meat if they aren’t in the LA metro area
There are THREE easy ways you can help animals from anywhere: 1. help shine a spotlight on their abuse and suffering, SPREAD THE WORD, 2. do not patron nor support individuals, businesses or organizations contributing to the abuse and suffering of animals, SPEND YOUR MONEY HUMANELY, and 2. support those who are on the front lines helping to end the abuse and suffering of animals, DONATE TO HUMANE ORGANIZATIONS
4. Are you a dog and/or cat lover
I’m an animal lover, doesn’t matter what the species is. I just so happen to have 3 dogs and 2 cats in my home at the moment, and usually a revolving door of fosters. I also have my own organizations called The Pet Matchmaker where we inspire and celebrate the rescue, foster and adoption of homeless pets everywhere.
5. Who’s your best pet friend and why
My best pet friend is my soulmate Ellie, a German Shepherd/Collie/Husky mix I rescued at less than a week old from a nearby shelter when her mom and the 6-puppy litter was scheduled to be euthanized. I rescue animals all the time and had no intention of keeping any of them, but Ellie clearly had a different plan. She was the last one left after I adopted them all out and she made it clear she was stuck to me like glue. Now I couldn’t be happier. She is the light of my life.




EG Daily talking Putting for Pups Golf & Gala


I’m so excited to cover the first annually Putting for Pups Golf and Gala on Sunday, September 13 at the Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena. Lori is one of the organizers bringing attending to the Dog & Cat meat trade in China. She’s gathered animal lovers from all walks of life for this fundraiser and I’m excited to have gotten a chance for a Q&A with EG Daily. Her name might be familiar as the voice of  many animated characters including the Emmy award-winning “Rugrats”, where she is the voice of lead character Tommy Pickles. She can also be heard as the voice of Buttercup in “The Powerpuff Girls” animated series, as Babe in “Babe – Pig in the City”, and as Rudy Tabootie in Nickelodeon’s© “Chalkzone”. Additional voice-over credits include Dizzy in the TV animated series, “Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles”, “Eek the Cat”, “Duck Days”, “Duckman”, “Jungle Cubs”, “Problem Child”, and “Baby Blues”. She also provided the voice of Froggie in the feature film “The Little Rascals”, Bam Bam in “The Flintstones”, and Lorenzo in the Academy Award winning feature film, “Lorenzo’s Oil” as well as being a singer.

How did you get involved with No to Dog Meat?

I’d been hearing about it along with Last chance for animals and other animal support groups.

When did you first learn of the UK based nonprofit?

Lori Alan started posting and doing events for it which was where I became more aware .

What can the average person do to help with No to Dog Meat if they aren’t in the LA metro area?

Come to the event (if in LA), visit the site “Putting for Pups“, learn about it at the NoToDogMeat site! It’s unbearable to look at these Precious animals in Horrific conditions it is so painful to see, it will be hard not to want to do something . Get more awareness. More voices can make a bigger impact .

Are you a dog and/or cat lover?

I am a huge Animal Lover. I tend to lean into dogs more  because Im allergic to cats but I still love cats!!! I will stop in the middle  of an intersection and block all taffic to help out an animal in need. I have made it one of my missions of my career to be a voice for animals  and animal cruelty  awareness. I honestly can’t believe at this time how much awful treatment of animals is still going on!

Who’s your best pet friend?

Best Pet friends are my 3 Dogs  BBY a two lb Chihuahua, Juju a 5 lb Chihuahua and Bumblebee a Huge 110 lb  Rottweiler …Oh we also have many birds that enjoy out property along with a whole family of Lizards that hang out on our Patio furniture :)

Burbank Beer Festival is all about Craft Beer


Fall is here and I’m ALL about the beer! Well the CRAFT beer to be found at the first annual 2015 Burbank Beer Festival this October 17!   It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the (hopefully) cool fall weather with leaves changing, moon and a street festival.  The Burbank Beer Festival will stretch San Fernando Boulevard with a celebration of 85 ice-cold craft beers on tap that will appeal to every palate as you enjoy live music, vendors and more.

The festival will have two sessions of sampling from 12 -3 pm or 4-7 pm showcasing local and out of state craft breweries. The street fair is open to the public and to purchase tickets to the beer tasting areas please click here

Date:          Saturday, October 17, 2015
Craft Beer Session I: 12:00 – 3:00 pm
Craft Beer Session II: 4:00 – 7:00 pm
Street Fair Hours:  12:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Downtown Burbank – North San Fernando Blvd., between Magnolia Blvd. and Angeleno Ave
Tickets are $40 and include a tasting glass and 3 ounce craft beer samples from more than 45 different breweries. Individuals must be 21 years of age or older with a valid ID to enter the festival’s sampling blocks and to consume alcohol. Tickets will also be sold at the door while supplies last. Entry to the street fair portion of the event is free of charge.  For more information, please visit  or www.dtnbur.com


Get a cute Viz Hello Kitty Graphic Novel Box Set


image006You can get a box of cute with the Hello Kitty Graphic Novel Box Set from Viz Media. It came out on September 1st and this new box set has all of the  Viz’s Hello Kitty full color graphic novels from the Perfect Square imprint. That was created by comic book and pop culture artists Jacob Chabot, Ian McGinty, Jorge Monlongo, Giovanni Castro and special guest artists in each edition.  Can you really put a price on cute? The box set is  around $50 (US/CAN) MSRP but for Hello Kitty fans this is one item that must be added to the collection.

The comic book is full of adventure as HK gets to journey to other worlds, puts on her detective ‘hat’, get a little sciencey as she uses her intellect to invent tech, is creative as she explores music, theatre and adventures! It’s fun for all ages of HK fans! “Smiles are guaranteed with every volume in this colorful new HELLO KITTY box set release,” says Beth Kawasaki, Perfect Square Editorial Director. “This is a wonderful set for every Hello Kitty fan, and each volume artfully captures her sense of curiosity, adventure and whimsical fun!”

The HELLO KITTY FUN & FRIENDSHIP Original Graphic Novel Box Set features:

In HELLO KITTY: IT’S ABOUT TIME, Hello Kitty lets the good times roll! It’s time for beach parties, dance contests, last-minute birthday gifts and time machines! Plus, journey inside a cuckoo clock and much, much more! Past, present or future, Hello Kitty and her friends are having a blast! 




In HELLO KITTY: WORK OF ART, Hello Kitty and her friends are making music, producing plays, solving mysteries and… playing with dragons? Art is all around, and Hello Kitty and her friends know exactly where to find it! 




In HELLO KITTY: JUST IMAGINE, Hello Kitty and her friends are letting their imaginations run wild – dreaming up rainy day adventures, inventing amazing machines and solving problems in the most inventive ways. When creativity and friendship combine, the possibilities are endless!


In HELLO KITTY: SURPRISE!, a day at the beach is more than just fun in the sun. A mysterious egg holds a tiny secret. Mama and Papa have a few secrets of their own. And a quiet afternoon with a good book is more exciting than Hello Kitty ever could have imagined! 


In HELLO KITTY: DELICIOUS!, Hello Kitty is serving up some extra special treats! What’s on the menu? Something sweet, something spicy, and a pie that’s out of this world! Plus, Dear Daniel® is making dinner, but… you might want to make other plans. Hello Kitty also makes a new friend with a HUGE appetite! And save room for dessert! 


Join Hello Kitty in HELLO KITTY: HERE WE GO! as she explores an underground realm, moonlights as an international super spy, climbs the Himalayas, travels back in time, and discovers that sometimes, the best place to get away from it all is between the pages of a good book.



Interview with Jenny Jaffe founder of Project UROK

Project UROK is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create funny, meaningful videos for teenagers struggling with mental health issues, made by people who have been there before.

Founded by Jenny Jaffe (CollegeHumor), the site officially launched in April of 2015 and already features a variety of honest, funny and relatable videos from young adults recounting their struggles with mental health. Project UROK ultimately strives to be an interactive, all-encompassing source of teen mental health resources, encouraging users to upload their own videos and share their experiences on the site’s message boards.

Among others, Project UROK features a video from Mara Wilson, a New York-based writer, performer, storyteller, and the host of the monthly show “What Are You Afraid Of?”

About the founders:

CEO Jenny Jaffe founded Project UROK to be the resource she wishes she’d had as a struggling, mentally ill teenager. She was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a child, and despite the help of a therapist and the support of her family, she suffered from severe depression and panic attacks all throughout high school. She felt isolated and alone. But she got through it, and she wants to let other teenagers struggling with mental illness know that they can, too. She was hired by CollegeHumor during her senior year at NYU, sold her first screenplay at 19, and has since written for MTV, VH1, xoJane, Vulture and more.

Vice President and Production Coordinator Sarah Hartshorne was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD in college, but struggled with it long before. She’s recently been diagnosed with PTSD stemming from trauma she suffered as a child. Working for Project UROK has shown her how important it is to reach out for help when you need it. She’s best known as the plus-sized contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9, and she’s also a standup comedian and producer. She’s currently producing a documentary about plus-size modelling called Inside Skinny.

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