I’m going to be a star at San Diego Comic Con

No not a star but will get to live out my voice actor fantasy thanks to the Nickelodeon booth i get to test out the interactive voice-record room with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Donatello and Michelangelo. Well the voice-record room lets you do a VO for select scenes from beloved Nick TV Shows from the beginning like Rugrats and Spongebobs to their newest TMNT, the Legend of korra, Avatar and more! I’m hoping for Invader Zim and the Ren & Stimpy show but I LOVED the humor and voices from them. Really if I have time I’m going to do them ALL! bwa ha ha (had a Zim moment)!!! Did I mention that you might have the opportunity to pitch an original animated project for their first ever open call???? Nick’s animation development team be at the booth from Thursday to Saturday (July 24 – 26) looking for new shows to greenlight for it’s Global Animated Shorts program! I’m so excited to check out the booth so that I can try the Gif, take photos, pitch a show idea (not sure where i’ll find the time and/or idea but what the heck) and just see how the exhibit booth will look this year! I’m going on a limb and going to say that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be HUGE but they have such a great roster of shows that everyone will find a beloved show from childhood … well I watch them still (but I’m a kid at heart) that they’ll want to keep as a momento!

So make sure you head over to the Nick booth and get ready to live out your cartoon geek dreams! Who knows maybe you’ll see .. wait HEAR my toon voice and see my idea on Nick!

How can you choose just one SDCC Bag

It’s that time of the year and you know what that means … CRAZED competition to get the SDCC ‘It’ bag.  Last year I finally got a Supernatural bag had to beg and barter (but not steal) to get my Winchesters but now well I’m thinking should I switch it up with a new favorite show?  I fell in love with the Originals (gotta love a sexy chocolate vampire .. but I like the vanilla ones too!!! tee hee) or the Following (deranged psychopath or former FBI agent??? both are way too bad for me to date!) but I do like the graphics of the Flash and Gotham … so many choices but you can only get one so make sure you pick the right line!  Or get ready to beg somebody for the bag of your geek dreams!!!

ARROW Comic-Con 2014 Bag BATMAN CLASSIC TV SERIES Comic-Con 2014 Bag CONSTANTINE Comic-Con 2014 Bag FOLLOWING-THE Comic-Con 2014 Bag

iZOMBIE Comic-Con 2014 Bag ORIGINALS-THE Comic-Con 2014 Bag TEEN TITANS GO Comic-Con 2014 Bag BATMAN 75 Comic-Con 2014 Bag
COMIC-CON SIDE Official 2014 Bag FLASH-THE Comic-Con 2014 Bag GOTHAM Comic-Con 2014 Bag MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES Comic-Con 2014 Bag

SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con 2014 Bag



Pizza Hut is throwing pizza at Comic Con Cowabunga

Well I know what I’m doing this week at Comic Con!  I’m going to be heading over to Petco Park so that I can be like a ninja .. a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle NINJA with my own personal pizza thrower … Cowabunga!!!!  Thanks to the minds of Synn Labs who after lots of hard work has made it easy for us to get a Pizza Hut fix.  I’m just kidding it’s not shooting REAL pizzas but it looks like crazy fun so make sure you keep an eye out for the video.  It will be crazy!


Cancer horoscope July 14 2014

Well well well is it gold digger day .. week since the gif is Kim with a handful of money from (I’m sure) illicit gains????   This is a bit of a mixed bag as far as what I’m reading into this horoscope.  This week is full of excitement and success with my getting great interviews at the upcoming 2014 San Diego Comic Con but no secret lover (heck if I had a boyfriend I’d shout it from the roofs .. well from my twitter/facebook accounts and of course a few photos) but the last few months have had major upheavals but I’m riding them like a champion.   Instead of wallowing in my failures instead I’m focusing on my successes and keeping my mind on long term goals.  Every time something doesn’t go according to plan I take stock to see what is working and what isn’t working.

What’s your week plan?

Cancer Horoscopes - July 14-20, 2014

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Your second house of cash is in Leo — and Jupiter, the sun, and the new moon all meet up in this sector of your natal chart on the 26th. Take this opportunity to make more money. Although last month was full of fun, it’s time to delve into your work with passion and ardor. Begin significant projects you’ve been too hungover to deal with. With both Venus and Mercury in your sign, you radiate enough eloquence to persuade anyone. Your cogency is at its most potent, so use words to compel those less clever to oblige your every desire. Now is also an ideal time to express your true emotions to a secret lover.

Cancer (June 21-July 22): 

Your impulses will be on full blast. Lucky
for you, the stars are all on your side to go as buck wild as you want. Spoil yourself rotten with whatever makes you feel like a queen. Whatever you want will work its way to you by sheer coincidence. This is a week that is full of magic, so be grateful for every minute you get to be you.

Best Lay Day: Friday, July 18

I’m going PINK for Archer at San Diego Comic Con

Who DOESN’T love pink dolphins and Archer for a good cause?  I’m super excited that I can pull a Pam for $25 with this Pink Dolphin hand puppet from Factory Entertainment.  You just never know who and how people have been touched by cancer.  Most of us .. well all we can do is a walk or donate and of course support our loved ones but if your  Jordan Schwartz, CEO of Factory Entertainment you can merge your geek with charity.  This year Mr. Schwartz with his Archer licensing decided to be inspired to go pink with Susan G. Komen.  In the second season of the FX fan favorite Sterling was diagnosed with breast cancer that was played for laughs and to bring awareness that it’s not just a ‘women’s’ disease and Mr. Schwartz lost his mother to breast cancer.  Well this year he decided that you can merge fun, geek and collectibles with this Pink Dolphin Project.   First of all at only $25 EVERYONE can buy this puppet to keep, love and remember.  If your not able to attend San Diego Comic Con Factory Entertainment also has a pre-purchase option on their site!  Since I’m sure this is going to be one hot item at SDCC!  It’s PINK AND a DOLPHIN!  Even if you’ve never been touched by breast cancer .. it’s a dolphin for $25!!!  So head over to the Factory Entertainment Booth #2747 and grab your dolphin in person or order online to make sure you won’t miss this item.  They carried the dolphin puppet last year as an exclusive at SDCC in the blue color from the show’s first season (in later season’s it’s gray) and it SOLD OUT!  So make sure you grab your dolphin!  I plan to buy one in memory of my beloved grandmother who fought breast cancer and won!   I might even head over to the panel on Friday so I can be one the fans waving my pink dolphin! 

The Pink Dolphin Project–Factory Entertainment fuses the spirit of fun and giving at San Diego Comic Con

The pink dolphins will be available at Factory Entertainment’s Comic-Con booth (#2747) or, for those who want to participate in the fundraiser but aren’t coming to Comic Con, through its website, www.factoryent.com.

Let’s Adventure Time ConQuest at 2014 San Diego Comic Con

Well I’m one lumpy space princess that is STOKED about the latest Adventure Time ConQuest that starts NEXT week at Comic Con <scream> get ready to touch these lumps as I look for my dream geek prince!  Tee hee well I’m going to TRY to take in the scavenger hunt to get me some jewels boy!  Thanks to Cartoon Network for making it hard <zoinks> but like I said I do love sparkles and prizes so will try to check it out on Wednesday .. well Thursday for sure.  Now I’m not sure if they are taking over the Children’s Museum again but I have my fingers crossed that they are doing something special and am thinking maybe one of their new shows might be getting a little shine but I’m ALWAYS on team Adventure Time!  Fiona and Cake would be awesome!!! I love my Fifi!

LSP is spending this SDCC looking for the ideal fella to take to the Princess Day Ball and as you run around San Diego you get a chance to check out all the fun official licensed Adventure Time items that are sure to tickle your fancy AND bring out your credit card/cash/ATM .. MONEY to buy with your favorite characters monikers!  All you have to do to join the Adventure Time ConQuest, is check out the 11 participating partner booths and locations listed below on my blog OR go the SDCC (you have a pass don’t you???) and brave the gynormous cavern and find the Cartoon Network booth (#3735) and look for signage to begin their journey.   I think it’s easier just to take along my blog buy you do you  …

As you fight the throngs of cosplayers, geeks, buyers, sellers, booths and well the mob of zombies (hey it’s SDCC their are ALWAYS mobs of zombies) looking around for the incentives, premiums and rebates of the Adventure Time products that are all over the room!

See below for a alphabetical list of participating partners in this year’s ConQuest:

  • Abrams (Booth #1216) will have copies of its New York Times Best-Selling book Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, as well as its recently-released Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection with 25 copies signed by illustrator Tony Millionaire, plus calendars. Fans can also catch a sneak peek of the upcoming Adventure Time: Art of Ooo, available this October. ConQuesters will receive aadditional 20% discount on the poster book, and anyone who purchases any Adventure Time merchandise will receive a free 2015 Adventure Time mini-calendar, while supplies last.
  • BOOM! Studios/KaBOOM! (Booth #2229) will feature the latest issues of its top-selling Adventure Time comic book series and related mini-series, highlighted by the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive cover of the mathematical collection of “Marceline and the Scream Queens” and the recently-launched “Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy” written by Adventure Time writer Kent Osborne.
  • Entertainment Earth (Booth #2343) will highlight its BMO Tin Tote Gift Set Convention Exclusive that includes a colorful metal tin tote, 10-ounce insulated stainless steel container and mini journal inside the tote that will take you away to the Land of Ooo.
  • Huckleberry (Booth #3449) will showcase and sell its adorable BMO Chara-Cover phone case at its booth, with ConQuest participants receiving 10% off the purchase of the case.
  • Jazwares (Toynk Booth #3551) will feature its Adventure Time toy line and highlight the 12” BMO plush Convention Exclusive at the Toynk booth.
  • Little Orbit (The New Children’s Museum) will offer fans a chance to play its upcoming Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom video game for the very first time before its release this fall on Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft X360, Nintendo 3DS, and PC Steam. Additionally, The New Children’s Museum location will be the terminal stop on the ConQuest and fans who finish the quest will redeem their OMG medallion there. Just look for the giant inflatable Finn head!
  • Mimoco (Booth #5245) will feature its full line of popular Adventure Time x MIMOBOT USB flash drives, including Finn, Jake, and new BMO. ConQuesters can get 10% off their Adventure Time MIMOBOT purchase instantly!
  • Penguin Group (Booth #4612) will showcase its line of MAD LIBS®, activity books, journals and much more based on Adventure Time, and will be giving away free buttons exclusively to ConQuest participants! Plus, anyone who purchases any three MAD LIBS® products will get a free Adventure Time/MAD LIBS® tote bag!
  • Rubie’s Costume Company (Booth #3649), maker of Adventure Time costumes and select accessories, will feature its one-size-fits-all Finn hat at its booth, and ConQuest participants can pick it up for a cool 40% off the purchase price.
  • USAopoly (Booth #1017), maker of the hit MONOPOLY®: Adventure Time™ Collector’s Edition and Memory Challenge: Adventure Time Edition, will preview its all-new Munchkin® Adventure Time, which will launch this August, and ConQuest participants can pick up a free Munchkin® Adventure Time game card at the booth!
  • WeLoveFine (Booth #5647) will offer up a wide assortment of its fan-favorite Adventure Time apparel, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses and leggings. ConQuest participants get a deal at $25 for one or $40 for two shirts.

Now for the not fun part … All Adventure Time Fans should join the quest and claim their reward which is available for a limited time while supplies last each day.  AND if you’re hardcore ConQuesters who earned Jake & Ice King Medallions in 2012/2013 bring them with you to the New Children’s Museum redemption center to earn a triple threat reward <unacceptable> (that I didn’t get medallions!!) am so jealous am turning green!

P.S. don’t forget to try to attend the Friday, July 25th CN Adventure Time Panel in the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront featuring the cast panel with Jeremy Shada (Finn), John DiMaggio (Jake), Tom Kenny (Ice King), Kent Osborne(Head of Story), Adam Muto (Co-Executive Producer) and MORE!!!  Make sure you head to the convention floor CN Booth for exclusive giveaways and more!

Will you be meeting me at SDCC and getting your Adventure Time Conquest on??? Did you get any of the medallions from previous years?  Let me know and make sure to say ‘hi’ …

My schedule for SDCC July 24th 2014 Thursday

My interview & party schedule 

July 24, 2014 at San Diego Comic Con

135856_TS_TTFLogo (2)image001Geek and Sundry

I’m kicking off my first full day at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con with a full schedule of FUN!

My very first interview is with Pixar Animation Studio’s Holiday Special Toy Story That Time Forgot!  I LOVED the last spooky halloween special they did with Toy Story (some of my favorite all time characters) that I saw last year and can’t wait to revisit my old friends!  The panel will be moderated by composer Michael Giacchino (“LOST,” “Ratatouille”)and include the producer Galyn Susman (“Toy Story OF TERROR!”), director Steve Purcell (“Brave”), head of story Derek Thompson (“WALL•E”), Kevin McKidd(“Grey’s Anatomy”), the voice of Reptillus Maximus, and Kristen Schaal (“30 Rock”), the voice of Trixie and boy do I have a lot of questions for them!  I’m hoping to even get to see the storyboards, sketches and Pixar magic that has gone into creating this new holiday special!

I’m excited to talk with the cast and team of TNT’s the Last Ship which should  be a blast since I’m really enjoying this show!  I was worried when I first heard of the concept but after speaking with the showrunner at Wondercon he really sparked my curiosity.  I’ve found from the first episode I was hooked and I think part of the fun is that they are on the ship giving us the opportunity of meeting new shipmates as well as friends and foes as the sail the seven seas trying to find a cure!

I’m getting my geek on with Xbox and a demo of Halo: The Master Chief CollectionSunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 that I’m sure takes full advantage of the graphics of the new system.  I got to play with them last year and was really impressed with how Microsoft has improved the system so much that it feels like Virtual Reality!   I especially loved Forza .. vroom vroom I do love to go fast and the cars well I’m a car chick so I do love a sexy beast!  I can’t imagine how they’ve improved it but will let you know!

I’m closing the night out with my girl Felicia Day who’s hosting THE SDDC Geek & Sundry VIP Party!  It’s my second year attending and it’s a lot of fun.   A great opportunity to chat with fellow geeks but also to see what Geek & Sundry will be bringing us with the roster of fun shows, games and programs.  They have a bit of geek fun for everyone from the popular Tabletop, to the new series Spooked and shows that are coming round the bend (Space Janitors, Morganville: The Series).  I’m sure she’ll be bringing her friends along to the panels that are scheduled to keep everyone up to date so that they won’t miss a thing from the Geek & Sundry world!




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