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Month: January 2013


Shopping your closet

I personally found my look a long time ago and do tweak it (somewhat) according to fashions dictates but always keep in mind what my body looks like.  I have a coke bottle body type with generous hips, ample bosom, defined waist and long legs.  Like many I like certain parts of my body and […]

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Everything I’ve learned from the Millionaire Matchmaker on how to NOT date!

Like a lot of single people (men, women, gay, straight, bi) I’m looking for love.  The one have you seen him?  He’s smart, funny, cute and loves attending comic conventions.  Shockingly I haven’t met him and have spent sometime trying to figure out why.  I don’t have a crazy list like some who require that […]

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Los Angeles
Plus Size

It’s 2013 and I’m not living a life of regret

Life isn’t perfect and neither am I!  But I’ve learned something over the past three years that hard work and perseverance doesn’t always get you what you want but it gets you to where you need to be.  It’s that I refuse to live with regret and to let my own fear of failure to keep me from pursuing […]

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