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The TASTE is the perfect family fun friendly food event you’ve been looking for in LA!

Angeleno All-Star Chefs Michael Cimarusti, Sang Yoon, Nancy Silverton, and Mixologist Matthew Biancaniello Set to Season THE TASTE as Co-Hosts If your looking to decide on how to spend your holiday weekend you have to come to Paramount Studios for the Labor Day Weekend Annual The TASTE starting this Friday (August 30th).  This is going to a fun casual weekend …


It’s not a week just TWO more days till The World’s End

I can’t quit you Nick, Simon and Edgar!  You’re my three musketeers ever since I fell in love with you the first time I saw Shaun of the Dead!   If you want to refresh your memory in select theatres you can see the boys in their trilogy glory right here in LA.  At the …

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Are you feeling a little Italian?

 You might just think of spaghetti or pizza when you think of Italian Food but if you want to taste Italy like a native you have to buy a ticket for Giada De Laurentiis Thursday night event.  You’ll get to listen to DJ Guestlove spinning beats as you sip wine, try new beers and spirits …


Food food food is DTLA!!!

I’m going to be at LA Food and Wine but for those who are always on the lookout for a fun way to spend a Sunday add this to your calendar! On August 25th and every 4th Sunday of the month, new open air shopping concept, Downtown Flea, brings elements of a block party, flea market, and food …

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It’s free ebook A White Wind Blew by James Markert and the Savannah Adventures! App

I love free ebook Friday from Barnes and Nobles! This looks like an interesting addition to my nook color library. I think that people forget how medical advances, healthcare and ObamaCare has and will impact the longevity of our lives. This novel based on history and the tuberculosis epidemic that swept the world should be …

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Elysium Cherry @themovies Review … it’s good to be rich but sucks to be poor!

After District 9 I thought that Neill Blomkamp’s next film would be even better with a bigger budget and major star power. But it seems like money was a bit of distraction where he piled on more special affects, enough money to get big stars and exotic locales. On paper this should be a great …

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CA Beer Festival is this September 7th

Will you meet me for day of beer, food and fun in San Dimas?  It’s not that far from LA and looks like a blast for those casual foodies who enjoy downhome regular food … and BEER!! GET HOPPED UP AT THE CALIFORNIA BEER FESTIVAL IN SAN DIMAS   Featuring craft beers and breweries, live …

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Brains Brains Brains … Night of the Living Dead LIVE!!!

Now I’m jealous of Canada with this live version of the classic original zombie movie Night of the Dead as a PLAY!!! What will they think of next in the great white north??? I remember seeing this B&W horror film as a kid and just being scared to death of the zombies.  Who knew when …

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The Food Event 2013 is this fall

Foodies get ready it’s the season of great food events in LA with one of my favorites the Food Event is coming up on October 20th in Malibu.  Tickets are on sale from $99 – $114 for one of LA’s top events.  You’ll get to taste great food from a variety of restaurants in the …


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