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Month: October 2013

Good Cause

Vote for the CNN Hero of the Year Award

It’s such a great group of people now I don’t know who to vote for! Who do you think should be the CNN Hero of the Year Award?   Kakenya has been endorsed by Kenyan leaders and cheered by her fellow country- men and women. Our friends at the Malala Fund have shared their support, and luminaries […]

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A tale of two spin offs (The Originals & Ravenswood)

I’ve been watching two new series that are spinoffs from established series that started this season.  The Originals on the CW and Ravenswood on ABC Family. The Originals is truly a stand alone that from the first episode put in their mythology, good storylines that will be strong enough to last more than one season, […]

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Eat your favorite dumpling and get a hammer courtesy of Oldboy

**EAT THE CLUES** After being kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years, Joe (Josh Brolin) has finally been released inexplicably and is ready to figure out why. Can you help Joe find what he’s looking for? For a chance to win the actual hammer used by Josh Brolin’s character in the film, tweet us (@FilmDistrict) […]

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