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Month: March 2014

Los Angeles
Social Media

Learning better Blogging Techniques at the Lifestyle Blogger Conference

It’s not easy being a blogger.  You spend the bulk of your creative time alone pondering the keyboard trying to figure out what to write, how to articulate it and the best way to break through the noise of various social media platforms.  It was why I was so excited when Lizza Monet Morales reached out […]

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I don’t think we’re alone …

I’m part of the 74% of people who don’t believe that we are alone in the universe. How can Earth be the only planed in the cosmos with intelligent life?  Are we the oldest race or are there other intelligent beings living their own lives looking up to the sky wondering the exact same question?  If […]

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Los Angeles

Musings on my Cancer Horoscope March 3 2014

Well I’m reading this in relation to my career change/job search and consideration of maybe giving up on my LA dream.   I’ve never loved Los Angeles out of all the places I’ve lived it’s the only one that’s never become ‘home’ to me.  It’s just the city where I have my stuff and work […]

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