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Month: June 2014


Astrology Musing for the Week of August 1, 2013

Astrology Musing for the Week of August 1, 2013 What an odd cancer horoscope that is surprising prophetic.  Before I even read my horoscopes an ex-boyfriend (reminded me WHY he’s an ex) by being a complete douche when I asked him a question <sigh> why do people CHOOSE to be mean?  I CHOOSE to be nice […]

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Los Angeles

Spin class

Well I’m embracing my new life at my job and taking advantage of the gym.  So I finally decided to Spin .. everyone raves about it and it looks like it’s not going anywhere so why not??? Hmm better would ‘what the hell was I thinking of’???? I swear I now think that hell isn’t […]

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Cancer horoscope – what does it mean????

My birthday is fast approaching so decided to interpret the meaning of TWO horoscopes this week.  My usual standby Friskyscopes and a new one from NYMag.  Hmmm they are a bit confusing since they seem to be in conflict.  One says find a new ‘home’ does that mean an apartment, someone to love or maybe […]

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