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WIRED CAFÉ CELEBRATES 10 YEARS AT COMIC-CON and we are ALL invited with the Facebook Live Show! It’s been ten years since WIRED Café first came to Comic-Con and this year they are partnering with AT&T Audience Network for an invite-only party on the terrace of the Omni San Diego Hotel with yummy bites, cocktails …

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Hasbro is bringing the TOYS to SDCC 2017

I’m so excited to see what Hasbro is bringing to San Diego Comic Con with TRANSFORMERS, MY LITTLE PONY, HANAZUKI, G.I. JOE, DROPMIX, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Disney’s Tangled The Series, Descendant 2, STAR WARS, MARVEL and so much more! It’s fun for fans of all ages who’ve grown up loving all things Hasbro, kids and GRANDKIDS! …

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Amazon is helping kids learn to love reading

Amazon is going to teach kids to love reading books I am very interested in how Amazon is using it’s positive business practices to instill a love of reading for kids between 5-12 with unlimited access to short stories for $2.99 a month. Amazon Studios is partnering with Signature Stories to bring stories to life …

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Star Trek Discovery is taking over San Diego Comic Con

I’m so excited about the Star Trek: Discover takeover at San Diego Comic Con from an art exhibit to panel AND a contest to take photos with Star Trek Officers! I’m ready to be beamed up Scotty! Who plans to meet me at the Gallery Takeover in Gaslamp and search for photos ops??? Tweet me to geek …

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Snoopy & Belle go Couture at Tokidoki Popup Shop

Peanuts is bringing tokidoki to San Diego Comic Con The Peanuts Pop-Up store will have limited edition prints, pins and tote bags from the artist Simone Legno of tokidoki and dozens of style visionaries featuring Snoopy & Belle. Fans of the iconic character will seem them in a whole new way.  The San Diego Comic …

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Viking Funeral on Friday at SDCC 2017

I have to say that every year I’m impressed with the fan experience the History channel brings for the Vikings series. I will always remember the snakes <shiver> and now this Viking Funeral taking place on Friday, 7/21 from 7-8PM has me ready to go to Valhalla! How often will you get to see a …

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Party like a nerd at Bangarang SDCC 2017

Nerds Like Us at SDCC 2017 for the hero and rebel in us all This year you can dance and party with Dante Basco (Rufio in HOOK, Prince Zuko in AVATAR: the Last Airbender) spinning some hot tunes at the Comic Con after party on Thursday night. Doors open shortly before 9PM when they debut of his …

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The Expanse Escape Room at SDCC 2017

  I’m ready to TRY to escape with the ‘Expanse’ at San Diego Comic Con 2017 Alcon Television Group has an Escape Room with a theme from one of my favorite SyFy series The Expanse. Attendees get to play as operatives that are trapped on a derelict spaceship with system failure as two teams with …

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Get kids reading with Graphic Novels & Comic Books at SDCC 2017

Children’s Book Council (CBC) Graphic Novel Committee Programming During San Diego Comic-Con I grew up living at the library as a child in my hometown where I explored not only big cities but the universe. Now that kids have so many options for entertainment and accessing content how do libraries stay relevant in a digital …

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I’m heading to the BBC America Booth at SDCC

I’ve decided that I deserve to buy 1 or 3 items this year at SDCC. After seeing what BBC America is bringing it looks like I’ll have to bring some extra cash for my Sherlock, Doctor Who and Orphan Black love!! I can get a Red Dalek (heck my name is Cherry) or wear my …


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