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Month: September 2017

Los Angeles

See the Tiger Hunter and support diversity in film

Now is the time to celebrate the American Dream with a twist we usually don’t see in the theatre. It’s the award-winning film ‘The Tiger Hunter’ that’s being released nationwide on September 22nd! But tickets NOW for this weekend and through the week to support a film about immigration, the American dream and a woman […]

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I’m spending Thursday Nights at the Asylum

“SHARKNADO” STUDIO TAKES CINEMARK THEATRES BY STORM, LAUNCHING “THURSDAY NIGHTS AT THE ASYLUM“  The Asylum co-founder David Michael Latt adds, “I’ll be front and center every week as the biggest fan of all, there‘s nothing else that can duplicate the theatrical experience. For Cinemark movie goers, we‘re bringing back the thrill of drive-ins and Grindhouse cinema with this chance to […]

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Comic Books
Geek Fun

STEM Challenge for GIRLS with Marvel Thor: Ragnarok

You have until September 23rd to submit an application for the STEM Challenge from Marvel to celebrate Thor: Ragnarok  This is an opportunity for science minded girls to show off STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) powers and win a trip to the world premier of Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, a 3 day mentorship with Disney […]

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