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January 11th, 2018 by Aiyonna White

By Aiyonna White, Contributor

        The annual PaleyFest LA returns to the Dolby Theatre to offer a unique opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite creators and stars.

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November 2nd, 2017 by Aiyonna White

by Aiyonna White, Contributor

Panels are an opportunity for fans to connect with their favorite creators. Los Angeles Comic Con took place on October 27-29 and offered dozens of panels for fans to attend when they were not walking the floor. The convention may have ended, but these panels left a lasting impression on me. Read more of this article »

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April 14th, 2016 by Cherry

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.25.16 PM

J. Harrison Ghee and Adam Kaplan in the National Tour of Kinky Boots

 IMG_7078The smash-hit musical that brings together four-time Tony® Award-winner Harvey Fierstein (Book) and Grammy® Award-winning rock icon Cyndi Lauper Tony Award-winner for Best Score is at the Pantages from April 13 – 24, 2016.

You have to head to Hollywood and have a blast with the Kinky Boots touring show at the Pantages till April 24th. I went with my bestie Briian and we were smitten from the opening song! I adore the interpretation of the musical IMG_7062
from my beloved film since it’s not mimicking it but instead takes overall message of respect, individuality, friendship and shoe love!

Kinky Boots National Touring Company6
This is the first time I’ve seen the Tony Award winning musical and was ecstatic to hear that Kinky Boots was returning to the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. The music is from Cyndi Lauper, pop queen and Grammy and Tony Award winner and choreography with the two time Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell all of this feet tapping was from four time Tony Award winner Harvey Fierstein. But the heart of the musical is how it reached everyone in the audience. One of my favorite songs is the duet ‘Not my Father’s Son’ with Lola & Charlie cementing the basis of their Kinky Boots National Touring Company2connection and friendship. Really all the music was part of the tapestry of reminding all of us to accept others and let people be themselves. It’s such a human connection that translates to people from all walks of life and all over the world that it transcends boots .. even kinky boots! In case you never saw the movie and don’t get the ‘red boots’ this is a story of Charlie Price a young man who was trying to chart his own path to London when his father dies unexpectedly and he’s called pack to his small town with the weight of a shoe factory bearing down on him. As he tries to figure out how to keep the doors open after a return disaster he stumbles upon Lola being accosted by ruffians on the street. He play Prince Charming out to rescue the damsel in distress who turns out that the glass slipper isn’t fitting quite right. But from a night of unexpected surprises we go from London to Northampton, England to the Milan, Italy Shoe Fashion Week catwalks … well what happens between is what makes it Kinky Boots.
Tiffany Engen in the National Tour of Kinky Boots


This is a fabulous show with such humor interwoven with a core hurt that I had tears in my eyes as I was laughing. It’s a show that is musical magic and will make you want to run out and buy 5 inch heels .. if you can walk in them as well as the cast dances in costumes that dazzled my eyes. Especially the boots .. I LOVED the boots! The chemistry between J. Harrison Ghee (Lola) and Adam Kaplan (Charlie Price) are the bedrock that the rest of cast rises with to belt out songs who’s message is timeless. I don’t want to give away too much but if your a fan of the movie GO SEE THIS MUSICAL! If you’ve never seen the movie .. GO SEE THIS MUSICAL! It’s a rare treat that is as delightful as finding the perfect shoes that are cute AND comfortable! The show is at the Pantages from now until April 24th.




Saying hi to Cyndi Lauper’s Hollywood Star!


The Nederlander Organization is pleased to announce that the L.A. return engagement of the smash hit musical  KINKY BOOTS,  that brings together four-time Tony® Award-winner Harvey Fierstein (Book) and Grammy® Award-winning rock icon Cyndi Lauper (Tony Award-winner for Best Score for KinkyBoots), will celebrate its highly anticipated red carpet celebration on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre for a limited engagement through April 24, 2016.

ABOUT THE SHOW:  Inspired by true events, KINKY BOOTS takes you from a gentlemen’s shoe factory in Northampton to the glamorous catwalks of Milan. Charlie Price is struggling to live up to his father’s expectations and continue the family business of Price & Son. With the factory’s future hanging in the balance, help arrives in the unlikely but spectacular form of Lola, a fabulous performer in need of some sturdy new stilettos.

Kinky Boots National Touring Company3

PERFORMANCE INFORMATION: Tickets are available at or or by calling 1-800-982-2787, as well as at the Hollywood Pantages Box Office (6233 Hollywood Blvd) and all Ticketmaster Outlets. The performance schedule for KINKY BOOTS is Tuesday through Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 2pm & 8pm, and Sunday at 1pm & 6:30pm. Recommended for Ages 13 and Up. (Children under 5 will not be admitted to the theatre. All patrons must have a ticket, regardless of age.) Running Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes including intermission. Tickets start at $25 in the orchestra.

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October 8th, 2015 by Cherry


It’s two full days of panels, comedy, art, book signing and thoughtful discussion from both sides of the spectrum. The schedule is so full of events and a lineup of MUST see people that you are going to want to split yourself in thirds … heck in to FIVE to see everything! Here’s a list of my panels that I MUST see!




Learn what it takes to write speeches for candidates and elected officials from the best in the business: Jon Favreau, Obama’s speechwriter during the 2008 campaign trail; Jon Macks, whose work as a poltical consultant and as Jay Leno’s 22 year monologue writer led to work with John Kerry and…


A discussion of justice reform, gun control, and social inequality, with two women who share a tragic connection to those issues: Lucy McBath, mother of Jordan Davis and Lezley McSpadden mother of Michael Brown. Moderated by Michael Skolnik.


A discussion of how online forums, apps and social media are being used in political campaigns and social advocacy. How do current government tech policies affect these platforms? What current changes are making strides for a different type of election in 2016? Moderator: Alice Ollstein Wynter Mitchell Emily Schwartz Nicco Mele…


When Americans talk about Islam these days, the focus is very often on jihad, ISIS and the Taliban, all the ways in which fundamentalist aspects of the religion have posed a terrorism crisis for us and the world. The discussion often boils down to two sides: progressive apologists versus Fox-style fear…


An all-access look at one of the most unique political campaigns of the past election year – the Congressional run of American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, examining what it takes to run a campaign from the perspective of a candidate who is both a newcomer to the American political scene,…
5:30 PM


“Mad As Hell” documents Cenk Uygur’s rise from obscure YouTube personality to politically disillusioned MSNBC host to the creator of the wildly successful internet news network, The Young Turks. Watch the film followed by a Q&A with Cenk and director Andrew Napier.
6:30 PM


Join POLITICO for cocktails and a cutting-edge conversation exploring millennials as voters and critical voices in 2016. How are Washington and Hollywood teaming up to tailor civic engagement and social messaging to the millennial audience? How can politicians, media and the private sector learn from these strategies to get this…


From bakeries to boardrooms to bathrooms, from sex-ed to speech to the Supreme Court: balancing civil liberties in an increasingly complex culture.
7 PM


Amazon’s gives a sneak preview of the first two episodes of their new series: A glimpse into an alternate history of North America. What life after WWII may have been like if the Nazis had won the war.
8 PM


The legendary rivals go head to head in a full mental contact debate over domestic and international issues. Judge: Steven Olikara Moderated by: Rick Ungar
11 AM


Jose Antonio Vargas will take questions and discuss his conversation-stirring documentary on white privilege.
12 PM


Hillary Clinton may or may not get the Democratic nomination for President, but if she does, what difference would a female President make? Does a woman have to be a feminist to make a difference for women in politics? This panel will discuss common myths and perceptions, and actual research, about…
12:30 PM


Black Lives Matter and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights will bring their Caravan for Justice tour to Politicon with an event hosted and moderated by Tourè, marking the tours final stop after visiting cities all around Aalifornia highlighting how the families of the victims of police brutality are..


The writer/director of Airplane! and the creator of the The Naked Gun franchises screens a selection of his political short films and other clips poking fun poking fun at political issues from a Conservative, but unhinged, point of view.
1 PM


Alejandra Campoverdi, Managing Editor of #EmergingUS at the LA Times, moderates a lively discussion with Cristobal Joshua Alex, President of the Latino Victory Project, Hon. Marilinda Garcia, and Felix Sanchez, Chairman/Co-Founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, about the role Latinos will play in 2016 and media representation of…


A discussion of how politics, and politicians, have an impact on key womens health issues, from legal rights surrounding family planning, to funding for breast and ovarian cancer.
2 PM


A new show from Panoply about the human feeding frenzy that is Washington during a presidential campaign cycle, with Alex Wagner, host of MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner,” Mark Leibovich, New York Times Magazine’s national correspondent and author of “This Town,” and Annie Lowrey, contributing editor at New York Magazine.
2:30 PM


They say that laughter is the best medicine, but sometimes it’s also the best way to get an important message across. In a world full of Donald Trumps and Michele Bachmans, it’s hard to keep a straight face while witnessing what’s happening within our political sphere. With the popularity of…
3 PM


With more than a year until the 2016 Presidential election, anything can happen. Newt Gingrich, James Carville, David Axelrod, and Alex Castellanos break down the campaign as it stands now, and project what to expect as the quest for the White House ramps up.
4 PM


Watch the rising stars of political comedy perform live and compete for the title of Politicomic 2015!


Some of your favorite liberal and conservative talk radio hosts switch sides and debate in support of their opposing views. Join the conversation using the hashtag #NotToday.


The combative Conservative commentator in discussion with the progressive political pundit.
4:30 PM


“The War Room” earned a nomination for Best Documentary and universal acclaim for its inside look at Bill Clinton’s successful, and controversy-ridden campaign for the White House. Meet the players featured in the documentary, including campaign manager James Carville, as they discuss favorite scenes and offer even more intimate details behind…
6:00 PM


What role should America take in addressing refugees escaping from war torn regions such as Syria, or immigrants fleeing poverty ridden countries?


Politicon comes to a close with a five star lineup of comedy talent, featuring standup sets by Evan Sayet and Robert Powell III riffing on national news and political culture; Jeff Ross in conversation with Jon Macks; and Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead and Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper giving…
7:00 PM


Trevor Noah, the new host of the Daily Show, performs live in front of Politicon, followed immediately by a one on one conversation with James Carville.

Politicon Los Angeles 2 Days, 12 Rooms and 100,000 square feet of Live Broadcasts, Panels, Movie Screenings, Debates, Art, Book Signings, Music and Comedy! Entertain Democracy.

I’m excited to cover the 2015 Politicon at the Los Angeles Convention Center October 9 & 10.  I’m a political geek that’s excited about issues, how technology is changing running for office and fundraising.


Am I the only one geeking out about Trevor North? I’m enjoying the first couple of Daily Shows he’s helmed and am interested how he’ll make it his own.

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February 22nd, 2014 by Cherry

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this autobiography by Joachim Fest about growing up in a dissident household during the Third Reich.  But it is a reminder that not everyone supported the Nazi regime.  Those that were not supporters or willing to keep silent were penalized for their standing up for their fellow Germans … fellow HUMANS.

It’s easily relatable to any point in history when people turn a blind eye to inhumane treatment of others.  From the eradication of the Native American population, to the internment of Japanese Americans, the enslavement of Africans, the fight to end segregation of POC (not just African Americans but Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese and many others have been treated as second class/less than human citizens of our country) and the current lack of equal treatment of LGBTs here in America and other countries.  Those who stand up to the tyranny our punished, shunned and at times attacked physically.

I can only hope as one day on my deathbed I look back on my life that I’m able to say that ‘I made a lot of mistakes, but I didn’t do anything wrong.’ Johannes Fest (the author’s father).

Joachim Fest translated from the German by Herbert Joachim Fest (c) Andreas PohlmannA. Arnoldby Martin Chalmers

Not I

Memoirs of a German Childhood


Publication Date: Feb 11, 2014

464 PP

Trade Paperback

TRIM SIZE (H X W): 5.5 X 8.5


ISBN: 9781590516119

A portrait of an intellectually rigorous German household opposed to the Nazis and how its members suffered for their political stance

Few writers have deepened our understanding of the Third Reich as much as German historian, biographer, journalist, and critic Joachim Fest. His biography of Adolf Hitler has reached millions of readers around the world. Born in 1926, Fest experienced firsthand the rise of the Nazis, the Second World War, and a catastrophically defeated Germany, thus becoming a vital witness to these difficult years.

In this memoir of his childhood and youth, Fest offers a far-reaching view of how he experienced the war and National Socialism. True to the German Bildung tradition, Fest grows up immersed in the works of Goethe, Schiller, Mörike, Rilke, Kleist, Mozart, and Beethoven. His father, a conservative Catholic teacher, opposes the Nazi regime and as a result loses his job and status. Fest is forced to move to a boarding school in the countryside that he despises, and in his effort to come to terms with his father’s strong political convictions, he embarks on a tireless quest for knowledge and moral integrity that will shape the rest of his life and writing career.


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December 13th, 2011 by Cherry

I just saw this story on LAIST and can’t help but wonder where the manager was when this was happening.  Did any of the other employees complain or were they complicit in this extremely racist ‘joke’.  Also why identify the customers as various ethnic groups?   Am I the only wondering if they were doing something to their food?  Did they have a code name for Blacks and Mexicans????  I’m sure the entire store knew all about the racial profiling (including manager) and was targeting various ethnic customers to spit, sneeze or do something even worse to their food.  But this will never happen to me since I (supporting my Gay Brothers and Sisters) won’t eat at Chick-fil-A a ‘Christian‘ homophobic restaurant chain!!!


Chick-fil-A On Ching Chong Receipts: We Fired That Employee, But We’re Not Racist


The “Ching” and “Chong” receipts (Screenshot)

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A has responded to accusations an employee at their Irvine location used the code names “Ching” and “Chong” to identify Asian customers on their store receipts. 

A third customer, a UC Irvine RA who accompanied the two students with the receipts in question, said the employee did not ask the customers for their names, but took it upon herself to put in “Ching” and “Chong.”

Now Chick-fil-A is responding to allegations the act was racist and inappropriate. In a statement published on Grub Street Los Angeles, Chick-fil-A admits not only that the incident happened, but that as a result, that employee, identified as “Lia” on the receipts, has been terminated. Here’s their statement:

Please understand and accept our confirmation that the inappropriate, and unthinking behavior of a young team member at one of our restaurants does not support any claim or even suggestion of racism at our restaurant. The individual clearly violated our operating standards; the matter was addressed and discussed immediately with the guests on the spot; and a confirmation was provided that the employee was immediately dismissed for the individual behavior. 

Our Chick-fil-A restaurant Operators and their employees try very hard every day to actually go the extra mile in serving ALL of our customers with honor, dignity and respect. The circumstances here are a simply case of immaturity, failed judgment, and human error….it has nothing to do with the service and operational standards of our Chick-fil-A restaurants which are consistently rated at the highest level of service in the foodservice industry.


So Chick-fil-A stands by the fact that they are not racist. Now, homophobic is a whole other story…

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October 28th, 2011 by Cherry

Men of the Stacks |.


We know what people think: Dewey, glasses, shushing, books, hairbuns, Party Girl and card catalogs.  Yes, we know what people think.  We know that the American library profession is approximately 80% White and 72% female; and we know that tens of thousands of librarians are expected to reach age 65 in the next 5 years.  We also know that this is not us.

There is an entire population of professional librarians out there who disagree with the way the library profession is perceived in contemporary media outlets and in the historical consciousness of the American mind.  Different people and different associations will use different means to try to change those perceptions.  This is ours.

The Men of the Stacks project was first conceived a couple of years ago after learning of the publication of another library-themed calendar.  Our first reaction to that calendar?  “Well, cool but…where are all the men?”  There was another, earlier calendar that featured only male librarians, but we felt it didn’t quite capture the way we saw ourselves.  In both cases, either the stereotype was reinforced or it didn’t go far enough in breaking free of it.

One of our models, Von, captured the spirit of this calendar beautifully:

“We can’t just leave it to others to tell the people who we are; that’s why the stereotypes about librarians continue to flourish.  We have to be the ones to go out there and tell people who we are. It’s not enough to complain about inaccurate images of librarians; we must be able to present alternative, positive images in movies, books and, yes, blogs.” — Filipino Librarian

Now, he adds, calendars should be added to the list.  So, who are we?  What do we want to tell you about who we are?  What are these alternative images?  Easy.  We are, of course, professionals.  We are educators, programmers, project managers, entrepreneurs, program coordinators, contractors, consultants, and speakers.  We are academics.  We are authors, diversity officers, historians, administrators, deans, professors, and researchers.  We are creatives.  We are musicians, bakers, painters, and storytellers.  We are athletes, yogis, gym-rats, runners, and hikers.  We are passionate.  We are dog-lovers, radicals, conservatives, Christians, and Buddhists.  We are in our twenties.  We are in our forties.  We are in relationships.  We are perpetual bachelors.  We are privileged beings who try to use their advantages to better the lives of others.

Who are we?  We are The Men of the Stacks.

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October 20th, 2011 by Cherry

I’m wearing purple today in support of Spirit Day, where millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and allies come together in celebration of supporting LGBT youth and the stand against bullying!  If you want to participate in Spirit Day wear purple to symbolize the special day.

No one should be teased or harassed because of their sexuality and we have to stand against bullying.  Don’t be silent when you see it happening say or do something!  You might think it won’t change anything but that moment of support can make a MAJOR difference to a young person in trouble. 

If you want to learn more about the movement please click on the link for more details:

Spirit Day promotes LGBT equality and spreads anti-bullying message | LGBT Weekly.

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