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Hi I’m Gigi! I am a teen and will contribute from a teen perspective. I have a deep love for all things horror, and even wrote a 12 page thesis on horror films. I have a wide range of interests that includes Stars Wars, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, American Crime Story, etc. There is rarely anything I wouldn’t read, watch, or fangirl about. I am the ultimate fangirl. I love fashion, photography, and cats. You can find me on instagram @gigi_glam



Hello all my name is Aiyonna! I’m a USC student with a love for all things pop culture. Currently, I’m following Superman, American Horror Story, Stranger Things, and Bojack Horseman.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I also post all of my work on my own WordPress here.



Hi. My name is Adrian. I am a seamstress and a graphic artist. I work in the entertainment industry and help build stages for some of the biggest events in the world. I also do wardrobe. I get behind the scenes pictures and footage. I play video games, watch anime and I’m an all around nerd.  Please follow my Instagram and Facebook.. Also my personal site with my articles and blog.


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