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I’m going to the Jungle with Hey Arnold!

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After your holiday family time gather to watch NICKELODEON’S HEY ARNOLD!: THE JUNGLE MOVIE this Friday, November 24th at 7PM (ET/PT)


If you were a 90s or 00s kid or a kid at heart than you lived for NickSplat that was home to Hey Arnold! back in the day. Now Nickelodeon is bring all of us back this holiday season when they Welcome us to the Jungle! Well Arnold style when the gang gets together for a field trip to find Arnold’s missing parents and answer his greatest heartbreak. What happened to his parents!!!!

The new movie will pick up where the beloved Nickelodeon series left off in 2004 as tweens with all the angst, hormones, BFF and unrequited crushes.

Craig Bartlett (TV Series Creator) co-wrote/executive produced Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie and has the original and new voice cast members including Francesca Marie Smith (The Prince of Egypt) as Helga and Anndi McAfee (Tom and Jerry: The Movie) as Phoebe, alongside dynamic new voice talent Mason Vale Cotton (Mad Men) as Arnold and Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores, Jr. (Game Shakers) as Gerald. Lane Toran (original voice of Arnold) and Jamil Walker Smith (original voice of Gerald) are also amongst the returning cast members, lending their voices as Che and Paulo, two members of the boat crew in San Lorenzo. Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2) stars as resident villain, Lasombra.

Nickelodeon is celebrating Hey Arnold! with a nightly marathon of every single Hey Arnold! episode through Friday, Nov. 24, from 11:00 p.m.–6:00 a.m. (ET/PT). You can also rewatch Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie rebroadcast on Saturday, Nov. 25, and Friday, Dec. 1, at 12:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on TeenNick.

If you still want to enjoy all things Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie go to their page on and the Nick App, along with the Hey Arnold! Facebook page and Instagram, to get a look at the TV movie news. You can also enjoy more Hey Arnold fun at NickSplat’s interactive “Hey Arnold! Yourself” website

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