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I’m heading to the BBC America Booth at SDCC

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I’ve decided that I deserve to buy 1 or 3 items this year at SDCC. After seeing what BBC America is bringing it looks like I’ll have to bring some extra cash for my Sherlock, Doctor Who and Orphan Black love!! I can get a Red Dalek (heck my name is Cherry) or wear my fandom with a t-shirt! So many great choices! Here are the items that I want to bring home ….

 I must admit to a major weakness for Daleks and Cybermen despite dreaming of being a Doctor or at the least a companion! I wonder if they will have anything with my personal favorite ‘Martha Jones’! Since it’s the final season of Orphan Black am thinking will pick up a Funko of one of the girls!


What would you pick up from the booth? 

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