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Danny Trejo stars in Cartel 2045

Danny Trejo is juggling a lot with his foodie empire in SoCal and of course being the action hero we all love. Happily he’s taking time off from the kitchen and made a new sci-fi action movie Cartel 2045 that will be released on digital platforms this May! It’s right up my geek alley with giant robots, …

Movie San Diego Comic Con

Hitman Agent 47 movie this summer

  I’m geeking out a bit about the new film inspired by the Hitman video game series. Of course a few of you might remember the Hitman movie that came out in 2007 starring Timothy Olyphant which I enjoyed. Look at Tim he’s a cutie even when he’s bald! The new film has the latest clone and he’s …

Los Angeles Movie

Transformers Age of Extinction – Cherry @themovies review

Well Michael I keep calling the movie Transformers: Edge of Extinction since you really took the movie to the edge with your bad casting, old 80s looking pyronectics, awful romance storyline (barely legal HS student??? ewww) and daddy issues with Mark Wahlburg. I went in with high expectations .. well high expectations of seeing the …


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