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I’m so excited that we are having a Batman: Gotham by Gaslight premier on February 5th at the Paley Center for Media. A limited number of tickets were available for fans but have all been requested. I plan to cover the red carpet and chat with VA/Director/Screenwriter so leave a comment below or tweet me …

Los Angeles

Batman is coming to DC for the premier

Can I welcome Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to my adopted hometown of Washington, D.C. for the will present the World Premiere of “Batman: Gotham By Gaslight” on January 12, 2018 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is having an epic “DC in D.C.” event weekend starting Friday, January 12th at the Newseum Museum with the world premier …

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Cartoon Network Exhibition at the Paley Center

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since Cartoon Network burst into my life. The first all animated channel and it’s still going strong with new series and reboots of beloved favorites! If you are a fan of CN that this is the best holiday season EVER! The Paley Center in NYC and LA welcomes …

Animated TV

CN gives us Adventure Time: Island mini series!

What time is it??? It’s adventure Time: Islands a 8 part all new mini series premiering Monday, January 30, 2017 on Cartoon Network  Fans Can Catch up on Adventure Time: Islands Early with DVD and Digital Release Tuesday, Jan. 24 but you can see a peep of the opening credits a little early <I got you> In Adventure …


I can now wear Rick and Morty on my heart!

I fell in love with Rick and Morty from the first moment I saw the show on Adult Swim. It’s so funny and edgy and dark that it really speaks to my deep hidden broken evil parts <guffaw> It’s why I’m delighted that Cartoon Network has announced addition partners that will offer a vast array …

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Loot Crate is taking subscription boxes to the next level

  Loot Crate is moving on up to offer fans the next level in the monthly subscription game. It’s called Loot Crate DX and it’s putting luxury into geek hands for $49.99 (retail value $100.00). Loot Crate announced the new premium box at the Silicon Valley Comic-Con and hints of what to expect when the …

Los Angeles

Meet me at the Rick and Morty Rickstaverse

  I have to say that I LOVE Rick and Morty so have been waiting for the second season. Happily Adult Swim is giving us a bone till the July 26th season premier with the Rick and Morty Rickstaverse on Instagram. Rick will give a walkthrough here for hardcore fans or even people curious about what the buz is about (hint …

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Exclusive interview with Natasha Allegri the creator of Bee and PuppyCat 

Exclusive interview with Natasha Allegri the creator of Bee and PuppyCat  on YouTube at Wondercon 2014.     I had a fun brief chat with Natasha about her new show on YouTube called Bee and PuppyCat.  The visual appeal of the PuppyCat was obvious with the crush of fans at the Wondercon talk.  The line …

San Diego Comic Con

Oh my GOB!!! Adventure Time is having a ‘Comic-Con Quest’

Did you hear that Adventure Time is having a Quest at this year’s San Diego Comic Con?  I’m going to be Finn and go CRAZY to grab my loot!  Or should I be Jake and be bad??? hmmm it’s a tough choice since being good is well ‘good’ but being bad can be fun!  I …

San Diego Comic Con

Finn and Jake are taking over the New Children’s Museum for SDCC 2012

What time is it?  It’s ADVENTURE TIME with Finn and Jake taking over the New Children’s Museum in Downtown San Diego.  The museum is going to have an exclusive experience during SDCC with a special exhibit inspired by the fan favorite episode ‘Adventure Time: Keyper Seeker’ that will allow visitors to enter the Land of Ooo!   …


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