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Geek Travel – London to see James Bond Vehicles

Get your passport out and head to London for major 007 fantasy of seeing original James Bond Vehicles .. Carporn!!!! OPENING TODAY 21.03.14 AN EXCITING NEW FAMILY EXHIBITION MONDAY-SUNDAY 10am – 6pm [last entry 5pm] SATURDAYS 10am – 7pm [last entry 6pm] Tickets will be available at the venue box office daily from 21.03.14, however, […]

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Los Angeles
Race in America

I’m going to see Free Angela and All Political Prisoners TONIGHT and so should YOU

I first heard about this movie watching MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry weekend show (LOVE me some Melissa who drops some knowledge on me EVERY weekend) where she spoke with the young director Shola Lynch about how she got the film financed (big thanks to Jada Pinkett Smith!) and how she became curious about this part of American History and yes I […]

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NYC, Zombies, New Yorkers, Dish, Contest and cool PRIZES (you had me at Zombies)

Did you see the CRAZY Zombie video that AMC put up?  It’s called the “Zombie Experiment NYC” where well it’s pretty self explanatory Zombies are running around NYC.  It’s hilarious .. no really hilarious since NYC denizens always are very laissez faire but even they do a double glance, scream and of course run (it’s instinctual) […]

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