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Los Angeles

Brian Stelfreeze at WonderCon 2019

Wondercon 2019 just confirmed some of it’s special guests and speakers for the upcoming convention. One of the fan favorites is  Brian Stelfreeze. Stelfreeze is a comic book artist. He is also a painter, penciller, inker and colorist. He has been in the industry long enough to work for nearly every major American comic book …


Zippity Doo Da excited to see the Racial Bigotry Chase Hall Solo Exhibition

This exhibit had me at ‘Song of the South’ which I remember seeing as a child and not realizing he was a slave. I would like to rewatch it but Disney has it in the vault but I do remember the song … ‘Zippity doo dah’ I will be heading to Malibu for the DEPART …


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