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Cartoon Network


CN gives us Adventure Time: Island mini series!

What time is it??? It’s adventure Time: Islands a 8 part all new mini series premiering Monday, January 30, 2017 on Cartoon Network  Fans Can Catch up on Adventure Time: Islands Early with DVD and Digital Release Tuesday, Jan. 24 but you can see a peep of the opening credits a little early <I got you> In Adventure […]

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Los Angeles

Ben 10 is getting Rebooted!

The Cartoon Network series Ben 10 is following in the steps of the PowerPuff Girls by getting rebooted this fall internationally and in 2017 in the US. The series originally ran from 2005-2008 and followed a ten year old boy who found a watch that can transform him into ten different aliens. There series spawned […]

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I’m still missing DC Nation on Cartoon Network

Do you remember as a child getting up bright and early to watch your favorite saturday morning shows as your parent’s were still in bed? I was a pretty socially inept kid so my favorite playmates were on TV that I watched with my favorite cereal (spoon sized shredded wheat with ice cold WHOLE milk! […]

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