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Los Angeles

“Jurassic World—The Ride,” taking a bite this Summer

Inspired by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s Global Blockbuster Franchise, the Mega Attraction Will Fuse 21st-Century Technology and Astounding Special Effects with New Dinosaurs from the Jurassic World Film I’m not the only person excite for Universal Studios Hollywood new mega attraction, “Jurassic World—The Ride,” opening this summer! It will be based on the Jurassic World films from Universal …

Los Angeles

Vicious Dinosaurs vs. Convicts – Jurassic Games Review

By Gigi Jurassic Games, starring Katie Burgess, Adam Hampton, and Ryan Merriman, is a B film about 10 convicts on death row who compete to survive in a controlled stimulation. This film is pretty much a gory Hunger Games with dinosaurs and virtual reality. When one of the inmates die in the game, they also …

Los Angeles

2015 Young Guns Invitational Art Show in Los Angeles

I’m looking forward to geek culture with the 2015  Young Guns Invitational showcasing emerging and rising artist who each will have three pieces to appeal to our inner geek! Fans from Star Wars to Clockwork Orange to the Thing to Predator will be able to see iconic movies from their eyes because really aren’t we …

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Toy Story is ready to scare

tonight at @ABC with their second holiday special! This year’s christmas is all about dinosaurs and looks great. Now you may think … ehh saw the movie and they can’t surpass but I have to say that Pixar has gone out of their way to create not only a cohesive design, story and look but …

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Barnes and Noble Free Fridays: The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones & the Word Race App

Well it’s Kids Day on Barnes and Noble Blog with a dino book and app that they will love!   Free Fridays: The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones & the Word Race App by JeremyCesarec 9 hours ago Categories: Free Fridays   I can’t overstate how much I loved the Berenstain Bears books as a kid—my mom …

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