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I’m spending Thursday Nights at the Asylum

“SHARKNADO” STUDIO TAKES CINEMARK THEATRES BY STORM, LAUNCHING “THURSDAY NIGHTS AT THE ASYLUM“  The Asylum co-founder David Michael Latt adds, “I’ll be front and center every week as the biggest fan of all, there‘s nothing else that can duplicate the theatrical experience. For Cinemark movie goers, we‘re bringing back the thrill of drive-ins and Grindhouse cinema with this chance to […]

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This weeks free Friday is the Last Secret of the Temple by Paul Sussman

  Well I was excited to see this week’s selection from B&N for it’s Free Friday Book Download.  After a hectic week of running around I could use a globe trotting thriller with WWII, Nazis and archaeologists ala Indiana Jones!   I’m always pleasantly surprised with the selection since they vary from week to week.  This looks like the […]

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