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They should have downsized Matt Damon

I think that Downsizing is movie with too many parts. At first glance I thought it was going to be a fluffy light holiday comedy but instead it was kind of serious with overpopulation, how to silence dissenting voices, working while broke, the disappearing middle class and segregation (that was by accident). This movie would …

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Ben Affleck in another good movie

Just kidding I remember seeing Ben in Goodwill hunting and between him and Matt Damon .. well most people I knew were saying that Ben was the one to watch. ¬†Well Matt turned out to to be the dark horse that stole the pennant with his bold choices from playing a young man seduced by …

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Elysium Cherry @themovies Review … it’s good to be rich but sucks to be poor!

After District 9 I thought that Neill Blomkamp’s next film would be even better with a bigger budget and major star power. But it seems like money was a bit of distraction where he piled on more special affects, enough money to get big stars and exotic locales. On paper this should be a great …


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