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Blood Bound has me on the edge of my couch

I’m in the mood for horror after watching the trailer of Richard LeMay’s movie Blood Bound on demand January 15, 2019. It looks like a sexy horror thriller perfect to cuddle up and watch with popcorn and the lights off! Blood Bound stars Joseph Melendez (“The Americans”), Eden Brolin (‘’Beyond’’), Rosa Arredondo (“Roswell, New Mexico”), Gerald …

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The Disney’s Gargoyles short fan film

I loved the Walt Disney Television Animation and Buena Vista Television animated series Gargoyles created by Greg Weisman (1994 to 1997). Like many fans I’ve wanted more of these characters so am beyond excited that the award-winning filmmaker Carlos Ferrer has made a short short fan film in hopes of getting approval from Disney to helm a movie …

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Movie Review: Zombie Spring Breakers

by Aiyonna White, Contributor Cinemark Theatres has partnered with The Asylum to offer discounted tickets to exclusive horror, sci-fi, thriller, and cult films from the independent film company. The studio is most famous for the Sharknado franchise.

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Olympus has Fallen sequel is coming out 2016

I saw the film ‘Olympus is Falling’ a few years ago in the theatre because of Gerard Butler love <swoon> I have a weakness for a man in a suit and he always fills his out very well <chortle>. Reading the trades it did pretty well worldwide and wasn’t too expensive to produce but I …

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Can I just say that I REALLY wish I was rich and had won the Lotto a few months ago? So many items that I grew up loving that I really really want to have in my collection. They have a lot of great items but here’s my curated list of dream collectibles that would …

AFI European Union Film Showcase in Washington, D.C.

Click here for films – coming soon! View program guide – coming soon! #AFIfilmEU    Now in its 27th year, the AFI European Union Film Showcase continues its tradition of bringing the best in European cinema to the Washington, DC, region. Recent AFI European Union Film Showcase favorites have included Sweden’s THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON …


Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Well I saw Guardians of the Galaxy and I think it’s an OK movie.  Nothing special or as good as past Marvel movies (Iron Man, Thor, Avengers) but it’s OK a bit bland and feels longer than its two hour running time.   I lay that at the feet of James Gunn.  …

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Ben Affleck in another good movie

Just kidding I remember seeing Ben in Goodwill hunting and between him and Matt Damon .. well most people I knew were saying that Ben was the one to watch.  Well Matt turned out to to be the dark horse that stole the pennant with his bold choices from playing a young man seduced by …

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Transformers Age of Extinction – Cherry @themovies review

Well Michael I keep calling the movie Transformers: Edge of Extinction since you really took the movie to the edge with your bad casting, old 80s looking pyronectics, awful romance storyline (barely legal HS student??? ewww) and daddy issues with Mark Wahlburg. I went in with high expectations .. well high expectations of seeing the …

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Nerding hard over Jellyfish Eyes with Takashi Murakami

I had nerded so hard when I got the chance to see the LA debut of Jellyfish Eyes from the artist Takashi Murakami at the Ace Hotel Theater.  Mr. Murakami has been on a world wide (well US) tour of the first directing effort with a next stop in NYC.  He’s quite a quirky guy …


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