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Battle Angel Alita VIP Experience at SDCC thanks to Loot Crate

I do love a scavenger hunt especially with a chance to win a VIP Experience with Robert Rodriguez (Director), Jon Landau (Producer) and Rosa Salazar & Keean Johnson the stars of Alita: Battle Angel at a mystery site during SDCC on Friday, July 20th. All you have to do is start at the Loot Crate …

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Wondercon 2018: Ryan Elder and the Music of Rick and Morty

By Aiyonna White, Contributor         I talked to the creative minds behind some of your favorite music pieces in your favorite T.V. shows! I had the chance to interview Ryan Elder, Tim Kiefer, Mark Rivers, and Tom Howe about composing for animation, comics, and their favorite music genres! I also self-indulgently ask …

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San Diego Comic Con Schedule: Adult Swim SDCC 2016

I LOVE Adult Swim at SDCC from panels, to signings for fan and the fun house .. THE FREAKING  FUN HOUSE is insanely fun and if you do no other fan experience get over to the park for crazy Adult Swim fun Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights! Now you will have to attend the panels …

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Meet me at the Rick and Morty Rickstaverse

  I have to say that I LOVE Rick and Morty so have been waiting for the second season. Happily Adult Swim is giving us a bone till the July 26th season premier with the Rick and Morty Rickstaverse on Instagram. Rick will give a walkthrough here for hardcore fans or even people curious about what the buz is about (hint …

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Harmontown at the LAFF

I do love quirky so am pleased as punch that LAFF is screening the doc Harmony on Monday!   I must admit I’ve never been a Community fan (I know .. how dare I!) but I never found it funny.  It just didn’t speak to my humor.   I have tons of friends who LOVE …


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