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Time to get Happy!

My favorite sad sack detective is back on SYFY Season 2 of Happy! returns on March 27th! I got to speak with Christopher Meloni (Nick Sax), Grant Morrison (creator) and Patrick MacManus (Executive Producer) before the first season at San Diego Comic Con. I wasn’t sure how they would take the zany graphic novel and …

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2014 Holiday fun with Santa at the Beverly Center

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season well when I count the holiday beginning (week before Thanksgiving ie Turkey Day). I remember when the Beverly Center would have Sexy Santas for grown folks but they finally decided it was tacky so have returned to traditional Fat Santa .. hmm not that I …

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2011 Santa Monica Pub Crawl benefiting the Los Angeles Food Bank

I had a great time at the Pub Crawl last night and had a great time with lots of shots of great costumes. ¬†Where else can you have a lot of fun, meet tons of people, have an excuse to wear/buy a holiday themed outfit and of course have it benefit the WestSide Food Bank. …

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