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May 20th, 2018 by Cherry

The 2018 International Space Development Conference welcomes the stars and producers of ‘The Expanse’ to discuss the science of the series. The Expanse is a series that takes place in the future where mankind has conquered our solar system and spread but we learn we aren’t the only intelligent lifeforms after discovering the protomolocule. The series is a mix of humanity, special effects and the use of the true concepts of science and physics. It’s why it’s exciting that they are appearing at the West Coast gathering of the world’s greatest scientist, engineers, astronauts, and space entrepreneurs who have been inspired by science fiction greats from Star Trek to Star Wars to Doctor Who to Battlestar Galactica and future innovators will include The Expanse on that list. SYFY channel did not renew the series but passionate fans have launched a renew The Expanse campaign and have appealed to Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, and the Networks.

This year Jeff Bezos will be accepting the Gerard K. O’Neill Memorial Award for Space Settlement Advocacy at the 2018 ISDC hopefully they will cross paths and Mr. Bezos will choose to add The Expanse to the Amazon Prime lineup. The Expanse fandom is looking at numerous streaming platforms to renew the science fiction series with a 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes the SyFy #1 series is still seeking a new home in our galaxy! If you want to attend the conference or the panel details are below.

The Science of the Expanse panel moderated by Kyle Hill is at 5PM with Naren Shankar, (Showrunner/Creator), Cas Anvar (Alex Kamal), Wes Chatham (Amos Burton), Steven Strait (Jim Holden), Shohreh Aghadashloo (Chrisjen Avasarala), and Cara Gee (Drummer) if you haven’t seen The Expanse (SyFy Network). The series is set in a future which finds the solar system is populated and prospering. The writing team on The Expanse works hard to keep special effects and concepts true to science and physics whenever possible. Cas Anvar, who plays starship pilot Alex Kamal, will join fellow cast members to discuss the science of the show.

Register to attend the conference 

If you would like to attend the panel only you can email Aggie Kobrin, National Space Society 

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February 14th, 2016 by Cherry

Add the 2016 Wonder Women Tech Conference to your calendar this July for three days of workshops, keynotes and networking.

BE OUR VALENTINE! The Wonder Women Tech 2016 Early Bird Tickets are LIVE NOW! Because ‪#‎WeLovePioneers‬ we’re offering an extra 10% off FOR ONE DAY ONLY on Valentine’s Day! Be one of the first to get your tickets for the most epic ‪#‎STEAM‬ ‪#‎womenintech‬ ‪#‎diversity‬ ‪#‎inclusion‬ Conference! The magic happens July 15th – 17th, 2016 at the Long Beach Convention Center. We’ll have three stages with amazing keynotes and speakers, including a pitch stage! Explore several breakouts and workshops, two cabana lounges, a networking lounge, a *FREE career fair and expo and much more! The WWT Team is working hard to create a magical event sure to ‘disrupt the conference model.’ TICKETS ON SALE TODAY! REGISTER NOW!!

Wonder Women Tech Wants YOU to be Our Valentine! #WeLovePioneers

A-List Speakers and Pioneers!
Enjoy three stages filled with amazing speakers and influencers from around the world! To date we have over 250 speakers apply to speak at #WWT2016 from over 20 countries! Hear from ‘Oprah’s Fave Guest of All Time,’ President of UN Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment and speakers from the top companies in STEAM, including Google, Microsoft, Intel, NASA and many, many more! We’ll also have a pitch stage where companies and individuals can pitch their product and talent!
Career Fair and Expo! 

Wonder Women Tech is committed to changing the industry by fixing the broken pipeline to opportunities. We’re offering a FREE Career Fair for diverse candidates to connect with the companies that are looking for exceptional talent! Upload your resume and register to attend the Career Fair and Expo for free! *You must register and upload your resume to attend. Does not include access to the conference, however conference attendees WILL have access to the career fair and expo!

Interactive Programming!
We’ll have a variety of breakouts and workshops, including WordPress workshops, speaker and sponsor hosted breakouts, DIY/Maker classes, and special sessions for our Seniors and Deaf and Disabled attendees! In an effort to fulfill our mission for Diversity and Inclusion, We’re also providing free STEAM classes for hundreds of underserved adults and children! In between sessions, mix and mingle and enjoy our Networking Lounge or Cabana Lounge under the summer sun!

Check Out The Sizzle Highlights From Wonder Women Tech 2015!

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July 4th, 2015 by Cherry

Getting my Geek Party on Next Friday at SDCC thanks to National Geographic Channel! RSVP and meet me for a night of SCIENCE!

National Geographic Channel invites you to Nerd Nite at San Diego's Comic-Con next Friday, July 10th from 7:00 – 10:30 PM at SILO in Makers Quarter (753 15th Street, San Diego, CA).
The event will feature free food, trivia (with amazing prizes!) and incredible presentations including: "The Science of Jurassic World," by paleontologist Trevor Valle; "Shop Class 2.0," by Joan Horvath and Rich "Whosawhatsis" Cameron, co-founders of Maker Technology Consultancy Nonscriptum LLC; and "Dead Life: Making a Living in Taxidermy," by award-winning taxidermist Allis Markham.

National Geographic Channel teams up with us again for another free special Comic-Con edition of Nerd Nite featuring trivia, prizes, free food, and presentations sponsored by the hit series Brain Games, the Emmy-nominated series hosted by idea DJ and ‘Shots of Awe’ creator Jason Silva. Find us on Friday, July 10, 2015 from 7-10:30pm at Silo in Makers Quarter at 753 15th Street in San Diego. We will feature presentations, trivia, prizes, FREE FOOD, and much more. Just RSVP here.
Back to the lectures at-hand:
*Presentation #1
The Science of Jurassic World 
by paleontologist Trevor Valle
*Presentation #2
Shop Class 2.0
by Joan Horvath & Rich ‘Whosawhatsis’ Cameron, Co-Founders of Maker Technology Consultancy Nonscriptum LLC
*Presentation #3
Dead Life: Making a Living Taxidermy
by award-wining taxidermist Alllis Markham

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February 9th, 2015 by Cherry


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October 25th, 2014 by Cherry

Two Bit Circus Logo

The Los Angeles STEAM Carnival debuts Oct 25-26!

We are thrilled to announce that STEAM Carnival launches this Fall at CRAFTED at The Port of LA. 
Here’s all the details:

Dates: STEAM Gala: Wednesday, 10/22/14
Student Preview Day: Friday, 10/24/14 (not open to the public)
STEAM Carnival: Saturday & Sunday, 10/25/14 – 10/26/14
Location: CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles
Warehouse No 10
112 E. 22nd St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
Tickets: Early Bird STEAM Carnival tickets are on sale now at and are sure to sell out, so get yours today! Ticket updates will be available on the STEAM Carnival Twitter and Facebook pages.

We are so grateful that STEAM Carnival has received so much support from numerous organizations and communities all over the nation. Here in Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti, County Board of Supervisors Chairman Don Knabe, and The Port of LA have also made STEAM a priority with our youth in education and job development. We have received support from these leaders for our inaugural STEAM Carnival event, as seen in the press release found HERE.Please take a moment to read and share with your community!

Get Involved! Want to be a larger part of the planning and event? Become a STEAM Carnival volunteer or mentor! Fill out our Get Involved form and we’ll be in touch with how you can help.

APS Grant News – Two Bit Circus is excited to announce that work has begun on a high-tech mini-golf experience to teach physics to kids of all ages. This project came to us straight from the nation’s capital by way of physicist and mini-golf aficionado Alex Boxer. Alex was awarded a 2014 Public Outreach grant from the American Physical Society (APS) to pursue this physics mini-golf dream in partnership with 2BC. It’s technology meets education meets awesomeness!

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June 9th, 2014 by Cherry

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is coming to Los Angeles to drop some major astrophysic knowledge on us at the Pantages!!!!

So buy your damn ticket and get ready for your IQ to increase tenfold

That is all ….




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March 3rd, 2014 by Cherry

I’m part of the 74% of people who don’t believe that we are alone in the universe.

How can Earth be the only planed in the cosmos with intelligent life?  Are we the oldest race or are there other intelligent beings living their own lives looking up to the sky wondering the exact same question?  If you missed Sunday’s event premier of ‘Are We Alone’ don’t despair since it’s still continuing with an episode that asks the question ARE WE ALONE?  This episode of Wormhole with Morgan Freeman have scientists pondering ‘Is God an Alien Concept’?

I am fascinated by the pull of religion vs science as if the two are magnets or (better description) at war well only ONE can be the victor.    I think that there is a God, that science is right and that aliens are on other planets.  I’m not saying they are humanoid and look just like us, think like us and worship like us but I do believe that we are not unique in the cosmos.  One day we will meet aliens and I (for one) hope they are friendly.  I’d hate for humans to be the indigenous people discovered by an advanced people who look at us as not ‘equal’ and only worthy of eradication.

So mark your calendar for a special episode on Wednesday, March 5th with Morgan Freeman and let’s talk ‘Is God an Alien Concept’??? Is it blasphemy to think that there are other species not created in our God’s image?

“Is God An Alien Concept?”

Morgan Freeman

Airing only during ARE WE ALONE? WEEK, an all-new episode of the critically acclaimed series THROUGH THE WORMHOLE WITH MORGAN FREEMAN features scientists seeking answers to the controversial question – “Is God An Alien Concept?”

A Special Episode for ARE WE ALONE? WEEK

World Premieres March 5 at 10 PM ET/PT

Only on Science Channel



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March 28th, 2013 by Cherry

What If We Discovery an Extraterrestrial Civilization?You know how I know?  It’s because the Science Channel is having a marathon this Sunday exploring the how, why and what.  I’ve never understood how people believe we are the only sentient life in the cosmos.  All you have to do is look around and see that intelligence doesn’t belong just to humans.  It’s in the eyes of a dog as he plots to get a snack, when you see an ape looking at a person looking at her and you can SEE that it’s wondering about you or when I look at the stars and wonder if someone far away is looking at the stars thinking about what’s out their.  I know that my intellectual curiosity isn’t at the level of a genius and that I don’t know the science behind the ‘big bang’ or whatever you think created life but how can anyone think we are all alone.  We aren’t all alone on our own planet …


the search continues

This Sunday, March 31 Science Channel hosts SPACE SUNDAY, an entire day devoted to deep science programming, with the world’s leading experts giving their insight to exploration beyond our planet beginning at 6:00AM (ET/PT).


The climax of SPACE SUNDAY includes specials from the ground-breaking 2012 and 2013 ARE WE ALONE? month which asks viewers to join the search for extra-terrestrial life and the possibilities surrounding our first encounter.


And don’t forget to tune into the gripping world premiere finale of ARE WE ALONE?ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE: Episode Two on Tuesday at 10 PM (ET/PT).



Wonders of the Solar System: Thin Blue Line – 6:00AM (ET/PT)

Wonders of the Solar System: Order Out of Chaos- 7:00AM (ET/PT)

Wonders of the Solar System: Empire of the Sun- 8:00AM (ET/PT)

Wonders of the Solar System: Dead or Alive- 9:00AM (ET/PT)

Wonders of the Solar System: Aliens- 10:00AM (ET/PT)

Transit of Venus- 11:00AM (ET/PT)

NASA Mission to Mars-12:00PM (ET/PT)


Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman: Are We Alone- 2:00PM (ET/PT)

Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman: What Do Alien’s Look Like?- 3:00PM (ET/PT)

Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman: Will We Survive First Contact?- 4:00PM (ET/PT)

Alien Encounters: The Message- 5:00PM (ET/PT)

Alien Encounters: The Arrival – 6:00PM (ET/PT)

Alien Encounters: The Invasion- 7:00PM (ET/PT)

Alien Encounters: The Offspring- 8:00PM (ET/PT)

Aliens: The Definitive Guide Episode 1- 9:00PM (ET/PT)

Aliens: The Definitive Guide Episode 2- 10:00 PM (ET/PT)

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