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Speak your truth America to Me Spoken Word Contest

What does America mean to me? It’s a question that we all ask ourselves at times when we read the paper, watch the news or just listen to what people in “MAGA” hats say to our faces. Well STARZ is putting money to ask US Students to answer the question with a spoken word contest …

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Slashy Ashy is BACK S3 Ash vs Evil Dead

I’m so excited that Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 starts Sunday, February 25th at 9PM ET/PT on Starz with 10 frightening and funny episodes. Ash is up to his old wastrel tricks after saving his old hometown from the <well> evil dead! We find his SECOND long lost daughter Kelly out to warn Ash …

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I’m ready to fangirl with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

I’m counting the days down until the Starz premier of American Gods on Sunday, April 30th in the U.S., and Amazon Prime Video internationally on Monday, May 1st. While I’m waiting am curious as a cat about the Neil Gaiman deal has with Freemantle Media North America. The first look deal after the first season of ‘American Gods’ means …


Ash vs Evil Dead is BACK on Starz

It’s Groovy baby! Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 premier and he’s going home to Elk Grove, Michigan and he’s bringing the gang to meet his pops (Lee Majors), hometown bullies AND his HS sweetheart (Michelle Hurd)! I’ve spent the past week bingeing on the funnies, gooriest and scary shows on TV! October is the perfect …

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The Outlander Costumes and Set Design Exhibition Paley Center Beverly Hills

Outlander fans head to Beverly Hills for the upcoming costume and set design exhibition at the Paley Center (Beverly Hills) and for a lucky few press people they get an early peek!  I’m hoping to attend and speak with Terry Dresbach and Jon Gary Steele on how the costumes and set designs are able to transport …

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Starz Outlander cast talk at Writers Bloc

Thanks to Starz the cast and team of Outlander will come to talk to fans about the upcoming season in Los Angeles! Thanks to Starz for their sponsorship, tickets are $10. It is the dawn of Season 2. Its difficult to imagine historical fiction that is as much fun as Diana Gabaldon’s addictive series, Outlander. …

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Coming to 2015 SDCC Outlander AND Ash vs Evil Dead!

So excited that Starz is bringing to San Diego Comic Con the stars and creators of Outlander and Ash vs Evil Dead this year! I hope you got your pass and are ready to camp out on Thursday, room 6A at 6pm. Friday is all about Outlander in Ballroom 20 at 4pm! I’ve already asked to …


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