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May 20th, 2018 by Cherry

The 2018 International Space Development Conference welcomes the stars and producers of ‘The Expanse’ to discuss the science of the series. The Expanse is a series that takes place in the future where mankind has conquered our solar system and spread but we learn we aren’t the only intelligent lifeforms after discovering the protomolocule. The series is a mix of humanity, special effects and the use of the true concepts of science and physics. It’s why it’s exciting that they are appearing at the West Coast gathering of the world’s greatest scientist, engineers, astronauts, and space entrepreneurs who have been inspired by science fiction greats from Star Trek to Star Wars to Doctor Who to Battlestar Galactica and future innovators will include The Expanse on that list. SYFY channel did not renew the series but passionate fans have launched a renew The Expanse campaign and have appealed to Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, and the Networks.

This year Jeff Bezos will be accepting the Gerard K. O’Neill Memorial Award for Space Settlement Advocacy at the 2018 ISDC hopefully they will cross paths and Mr. Bezos will choose to add The Expanse to the Amazon Prime lineup. The Expanse fandom is looking at numerous streaming platforms to renew the science fiction series with a 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes the SyFy #1 series is still seeking a new home in our galaxy! If you want to attend the conference or the panel details are below.

The Science of the Expanse panel moderated by Kyle Hill is at 5PM with Naren Shankar, (Showrunner/Creator), Cas Anvar (Alex Kamal), Wes Chatham (Amos Burton), Steven Strait (Jim Holden), Shohreh Aghadashloo (Chrisjen Avasarala), and Cara Gee (Drummer) if you haven’t seen The Expanse (SyFy Network). The series is set in a future which finds the solar system is populated and prospering. The writing team on The Expanse works hard to keep special effects and concepts true to science and physics whenever possible. Cas Anvar, who plays starship pilot Alex Kamal, will join fellow cast members to discuss the science of the show.

Register to attend the conference 

If you would like to attend the panel only you can email Aggie Kobrin, National Space Society 

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December 20th, 2017 by Cherry

I was invited to celebrate Nissan and the Last Jedi in Hollywood for the second year collaboration with the iconic film series. They had two days of celebration with the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force. I despite being a Jedi missed the Light Side so had to turn to the Dark of the Empire. Happily it was in a Nissan Rogue that had me impressed from the moment my eyes saw them in the Roosevelt Hotel Parking lot. Nissan brought the new redesigned 2018 Nissan Leaf and Nissan Rogue. I was very impressed seeing the new design and direction of Nissan that is embracing useful technology to improve the lives of drivers. This was my second spin in Nissan after test driving the 2018 Nissan Leaf that was quite a delight with it’s pep, increased mileage and the fact that it’s damned sexy for an affordable EV and in North America you get free charging for two years!

I am fascinated by Nissan Intelligent Mobility I noticed the display at the 2017 LA Auto Show but it wasn’t until I was a passenger that I saw it first hand. I consider myself someone who embraces technology so at first my curiosity thought it was simply a better display, new navigation system or better blind spot warnings. No Nissan Intelligent Mobility is so much more than that as I got quite the surprise on the 101 highway in Los Angeles. I was the passenger looking at the new interior and chatting with my co-pilot when she say’s ‘look’. I glanced over and realized her hands were not on the steering wheel in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic. Like all of you I immediately said ‘look out we’re going to get in an accident’. Again she says ‘look’ and than she wiggles her legs. The car was driving itself and

as a geek I was very excited but as an LA driver I was freaking out. But than she explained that it is able to ‘see’ the lines so it would ‘drive’ down the road as well as the system was able to retain a distance from other autos. My mind was blown as Ilooked at her feet and hands. She explained that you can set the system to drive the speed limit and I thought what will Nissan think up next since this felt very futuristic to me!!!

Now I have to say getting used to Nissan Intelligent Mobility will be a little hard for me but if I could have the option on my car or suv well sign me up. I’m lucky to live in LA the land of the eternal sun but sometimes during the rare rainstorm I’d love to have that assurance that I’d make it home. So I am very curious how the system works in adverse weather from rain to sleet to snow as well as driving at night. Now this isn’t a situation where you can take a nap in the backseat and program the car to drive you to the next county but it definitely is a useful upgrade for those who drive and want to have extra safety features. I would love to have this for a long drive on the highway to really see how it works. It was very simple to use and for the couple of miles we went down the road was mesmerizing. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off the steering wheel and kept glancing at the brakes.

My first impression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility is curious fascination. I think it would take a while for me to feel confident using this tech that is completely new to me but I’m very adaptable so know that I would adjust pretty quickly. If you are looking for a new car/suv/truck and enjoy new tech this is something you have to check out. I think it’s work the money since it would be useful for driving around town and on the highway. The only way I could adore it more is if it spoke in the R2D2 voice!



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October 21st, 2017 by Cherry

Very interested in the 2018 LA Art Show with the announcement of the Yare: One More Dance

I’ve been invited to see a special performance this evening and am fascinated by Cristobal Valecillos creative career! The artist is weaving tech, environment and history using the masks, Los Angeles Landmarks and invoking the Los Diabolos de Yare Festival with contemporary settings. I look forward to this first viewing and the LA Art Show for the exhilarating project.


is proud to announce



“YARE; ONE MORE DANCE” BY Cristobal Valecillos

Venezuelan-American multimedia artist Cristobal Valecillos: “Los Diablos de Yare”

This UNESCO Cultural Heritage Festival is rooted in an 18th Century celebration of life, renewal, triumph and good over evil. Valecillos has recreated the traditional masks into a contemporary dialogue, set against Los Angeles landmarks, incorporating challenges of today: Religion, Politics, Consumerism, Violence, Consumption, Environment, Technology, Addiction.

For this exhibition, the artist invokes the annual Los Diablos de Yare festival by creating a collection of eight hand-crafted masks. Each unique mask was sculpted using repurposed materials while remaining faithful to the festival’s tradition.

The artist has also created a series of stunning photographs set against a backdrop of iconic Los Angeles landmarks. These provocative and compelling images incorporate the joys and challenges of the contemporary human spirit.

Cristobal Valecillos’ distinguished career includes art direction, music videos, consumer products, commercials, and photography.

These photographs are available in Limited Edition through
Timothy Yarger Fine Art.

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November 19th, 2015 by Cherry

IMG_2332Calling all Star Wars fans you HAVE to go to the 2015 LA Auto Show for ONE reason! No not to look at cars (well you have to look at cars!) but no the the most important reason ever is to see the Fiat 500e Storm Trooper Concept car on display (sadly at this time Fiat does IMG_2329not plan to release it as a special edition <waahhh>) inspired by the new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ opening December 18. While you count down the days to see the most anticipated movie this year you can get your Star Wars fix drooling over this car a collaboration with Lucasfilm and FCA US as part of the promotional campaign of the film. I was very lucky to be able to briefly film the interior of the car and interview Bob Broderdorf, Fiat Brand Director North AmericaIMG_2335!

From the first glance of the Fiat 500e you can see it’s inspired by the Empire’s First Order Stormtrooper’s new armor (tour of interior and exterior of car cherrylosangeles @youtube). The 500e is in black and white on the exterior from the tires to the hood with an attention to detail that is appealing to die hard and casual fans. But Fiat also kept it team Empire on the inside with custom front and rear seats upholstered in leather and Alcantara®. The entire interior has the ‘Star Wars’ logo and First Order insignia on the leather wrapped steering wheel, the black/white dashboard and that all of the Fiat emblems have been replaced with the Stormtrooper helmet.  The Fiat 500e stormtrooper was created by Garage Italia Customs and they merged Italian style with Star Wars Geek Chic! Even Princess Leia wouldn’t mind being placed under ‘car arrest’ and driven around the death star <guffaw>.

About FIAT Brand
The FIAT brand stands for discovery through passionate self-expression. That philosophy is embodied by the iconic Fiat 500 or Cinquecento – a small car that lives big. Italian at heart and rooted in a rich heritage, the 500 is sold in more than 100 countries around the world and is synonymous with modern, simple design blending form, function, technology and a pride of ownership that is genuine.

In North America, the Fiat 500 was introduced in March 2011 and was soon followed by the Fiat 500c (Cabrio), the high-performance Fiat 500 Abarth and Abarth Cabrio, the fully electric Fiat 500e and the five-passenger Fiat 500L. The FIAT brand continues to expand with the introduction of the Fiat 500X, an all-new crossover that combines Italian style with functionality, performance and all-wheel drive confidence. The all-new Fiat 500X arrived at FIAT studios in the second quarter of 2015.


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June 26th, 2012 by Cherry

I got to attend the SBFest on June 21st and was blown away by all the startups in Los Angeles!  The first event was at Shutters in Santa Monica where local startups pitched to investors and it was fascinating all the ingenuity that was on display.  I had a few favorites that if I had the money would definitely have gotten a check from me!

Tailored Republic is a men’s clothing site for well tailored clothes.  I briefly spoke with the founders and was impressed with their idea as well as the set up.  I do love a man in a great fitting suit!

Waitscout is a site to help you avoid waiting in line when you want to go out and the minute Ryan Hudson said it out loud I was sold!  I HATE waiting in line (who doesn’t) and usually will turn around if the wait is too long so am definitely all in for this since I’d use it when going out with friends!

kokoché is filling in a under-served market that hasn’t been able to take advantage of the deal of the day sites because they don’t have/use credit cards but do have smart phones.  It’s a GENIUS idea that would appeal to people of all ages who don’t have credit cards from teens to targed economic demographics.  Munir Jawed spoke about how he came up with the idea and why it’s working in South LA.  It’s a great plan that’s of benefit to consumers as well as business!

Betteryou is a really interesting idea for an online concierge service for those seeking health, beauty and wellness services at a good price but without the deal of the day sites where you have to buy/use at selected times.  Instead this site allows personal choice in service and in cost creating a very appealing dynamic.  Hope Horner spoke about why she started this site and I really like it!

Outlisten well I LOVE this startup it’s such a unique idea for those of us who love seeing live music and want to relive the shows!  They gave a great presentation with a video that really sold me on it.  Namely you go to a concert record with your cell phone and send it to them they clean it up and make it look great.  I thought that this has so many great applications that it’s going to be huge!

Mergelocal takes all that I love about checking in and one ups it with the benefit of PAYING me!!! It’s a win win to me and very interesting since I check in right now with Foursquare, Facebook and Yelp but all I get are little crowns and not much else. I’d rather get paid!

Planadrink is a great idea to take advantage of the dating social norms taking place in Southeast Asia.  Namely that this generation wants to DATE but it’s still not socially acceptable for one on one.  So this helps you make group dates.  Heck I’d use this here in LA if they bring it to SoCal!

Now this isn’t all of the presenters it seemed like they had over a hundred people but these are the ones I heard and ‘got’ the moment they explained it.  If you had the money what LA based startups would you fund?

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