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May 5th, 2018 by Cherry


I had to write a brief review about season 5 of the 100 (the CW) after joining the Afterbuzztv panel. Eden and Red Queen are the framework with a time jump of six years, shocking death of a ‘beloved’ character AND meeting new sky people. Taylor Gates, Sayrie and myself round out the all new panel.

The CW Writers Room has me shook with the aftermath of Praimfaya and trouble in the bunker. Who would’t go a little crazy with the barren wasteland, no food and being alone for years? Clarke well she’s Clarke always trying to find someone to rescue but did she REALLY have to kill the buzzard that led her to Eden (that was a jerk move girl). I found her equally pragmatic mini-me a great addition for her. She’s a independent wild child who (rightly so) fears random stranger and has to protect herself. Clarke being wounded (less of a threat) the only way the half wildling would ever get close enough to eventually become a family unit. I especially liked the cross over of the two episodes with Clarke trying to get in and the bunker dwellers realizing they were trapped. It set up the tribes going to war for limited resources and the sky people (as usual) feeling superior. I did like that Octavia likely will include Niylah in her inner circle because that woman knows marketing! I had wondered if Jaha was going to survive the bunker and it turns out .. not so much. I was shocked that he died but rather you liked Jaha or not he has ALWAYS been concerned with humanity’s survival so he went out educating Octavia about the hard choices leaders have to make over life and death.

I was beyond impressed with the two episodes and getting to know the new sky people. I’m curious when everyone will be back on Earth, what will happen to the crew when they go to the prison ship, and how they will get out of the bunker! I’ll be watching every Tuesday and make sure you watch our Afterbuzztv Panel on Tuesdays (we are at 11PM but will move to 10PM in a few weeks)!


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January 15th, 2018 by Cherry

Happy Martin Luther King Day 

It’s the week of January 15th and I have series that should be on your ‘must see GeekTV’ series finale, returning, new and winter season premiers.


The Gifted, FOX, Monday, 8:00 pm

We get the gift of two hours with the season finale of The Gifted (FOX) and I’m expecting lots of mutant on mutant action with a hefty dose of Sentinal Tech! I have to say for Monday nights was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Gifted (FOX). I have found this first season very enjoyable not just because I read the Xmex-Morlocks when I was a teenage but from the casting choices, to the writing and the FX was top notch! If you haven’t been enjoying the series you can catch up on the FOX app or stream on hulu.


Supergirl, The CW, Monday 8:00 pm

I watch Supergirl but it’s pretty uneven for me as a fangirl but the Legion of Superheroes .. YAS girl YAS. Hopefully this won’t be shortshft to the supporting characters who have been pretty absent with the new big bad. I hope that she won’t get lost with the addition of more superheroes and if this is a ‘toe’ in the water of a new superhero spin off series. But I’ll tune in and am not in love with how they designed Brainiac but he’s always been one of my favorites so will reserves judgement. Hmmm what happened the first part of the season? Daddy Martian is on earth, her new friend is now a bad gal out to destroy the world and she’s still dumped.


The Flash, The CW, Tuesday 8:00 pm

I enjoy The Flash they way I enjoy a slice of cake it’s sweet, pretty to look at and worth the empty calories. The cast works so well together and the ‘baddie’ of the week is a love note to the comics I grew up with as a child. I wasn’t sure what direction the series would go after Barry finally found love and marriage with Iris but the mid season finale shocker was GREAT. Now that Barry is on trial and will have to prove his innocence this season is going to be a bumpy rollercoaster ride and I’m ready to scream!

Black Lightening, The CW, Tuesday 9:00 pm

The family that fights together stays together!


I am very excited about the premier of the newest DC Superhero Comic Book series. Who hasn’t retired as a superhero fighting crime and become a high school principal and father of two? The new series will follow Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) a divorced father of two daughters Jennifer Pierce (China Anne McClain) and Lynn Pierce (Christine Adams) that is drawn back into the crimefighting life to protect his children and city from The One Hundred gang.

Riverdale, The CW, Wednesday 8:00 pm

Riverdale is back and happily has caught the hood .. or have they but at least it looks like the winter season premier will go back to the sudsy show I fell in love with and will have a meaty storyline for Josie AND the pussycats who took a backseat to the Southside Serpents. I want Jughead back at his middle class school and bring his pretty bad girl crush for a love triangle. MORE of Josie and the Pussycats but I think my wish was answered on the mid season finale somebody was getting some unexpected loving!


The Librarians, TNT, Wednesday 8:00 pm

I enjoy the Librarians it’s silly campy fun with an amusing cast and story’s that remind me (for some reason) of old fashioned swashbuckling Errol Flynn movies I watched as a child. This season they have really spent time with giving each of the Librarians time to shine and get to know they and it’s really resonated with me as a fan. This upcoming episode ‘A Town Called Feud’ has got the secret sauce of action, humor and a little history that keeps me tuning in and live tweeting every week.

The Magicians, SYFY, Wednesday 9:00 pm

The season premier of The Magicians literally blew everyone else OUT of the water it was a delight! It set up the new season stories about finding magic, kicking the fairies out AND how the gang will go on the most epic quest! I don’t want to give anything away but stream the sean premier on the SYFY app ASAP and let’s live tweet Wednesday about the return of one of my favorite series. I want to give the creators, writers and entire cast + makeup + FX/cosutme/set designers a big kiss because every episode has been thought out with such care that it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I have to apologize to the sloth but the writing and FX team had me going. Such a pleasurable series that has returned firing on all cylinders!

Happy!, SYFY, Wednesday 10:00 pm

I have to say this isn’t my usual type of show. Don’t let the title fool you it’s not ‘happy’ per se but it is a blast with a cast of crazies that I would NOT like to meet walking down a dark alley. The cop gone bad with a heart of … gold or maybe cocaine. Doing the right thing kicking and screaming is STILL the right thing but I still don’t trust his jaded bitter dirty behind. But Happy! and his BFF do deserve to be well …. happy and I’m hooked on if he can rescue her from the evilest Santa EVER and what the heck is the man/monster behind the vast conspiracy to ‘disappear’ children! If I see Hansel and Gretel eating a gingerbread house I’m screaming ‘run’ to the screen.

The Good Place, NBC, Thursday 8:00 pm

This is so much fun and I can’t wait to see how they will navigate going through hell. I mean they deserve to BE in hell so it won’t be that hard but they will be on the ‘Most Wanted’ posters soooo

Supernatural, The CW, Thursday 8:00 pm

I’m very excited about the midseason winter premier since this will be a big intro to the first spinoff. This season they have taken a few steps away from the Angel Wars but then they hit the gas and went right back with Lucifer, his son and more angels, I want the monster of the week and exploring the brothers relationship as adults who are unable to have relationships. I think that the Wayward Sisters will be a throwback to the first season and I’m pretty here for it especially with the women kicking but but still treating the monsters like sentient beings who are sometimes good and sometimes evil.

Arrow, The CW, Thursday 9:00 pm

I’ve watched Arrow from episode one and am hoping the Winter Season premier will focus less on Oliver’s love life <yawn>. I want more fighting. great villains, more time with the Arrow team, his son insisting on being trained aka the new Speedy or Mini Arrow something and if they don’t plan to use him ‘off to boarding school’. Also they are doing Diggle SO wrong from his wife, to daughter/son and now the addiction Palming the kid off to his second, third, fourth choice ‘true love’ Felicity is weak and … Felicity you deserve better!

MacGyver, CBS, Friday 8:00 pm

I enjoy this show it’s silly fun and sort of STEMish. I really watch it because my grandfather loved the original and I would watch with him sometimes. So I have a softspot for the series which is much better than I thought it would be. The genius, his bodyguard and friend squad solving a disaster of the week in 60 minutes shouldn’t work but it does. The chemistry between the cast just feels so darned welcoming I watch every week. I’m hoping that he will find love with his fellow genius Riley (such a cute couple).

Marvel Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D, ABC, Friday 9:01 pm

I’m really enjoying the season with them being in the future trying to save humanity. I have no idea if they will come back to the present, how quake destroyed earth or if our intrepid band can pull humanity out of the quagmire but it’s been so fun that I am watching live every Friday night. Oh year they moved the show to Friday at 9PM.

“Counterpart,” Starz, Sunday, 9 p.m. 

I have yet to see this new series on Starz but from the first peak it had me incredibly intrigued. It reminds of a cold war movie but with a major science fiction twist that will have viewers on the edge of their seats staring the enthralling J.K. Simmons and Olivia Williams. I have to admit I have a major weakness for alternative universe stories from the weirdness of Fringe to the original Star Trek it’s a great way to see a glimpse of ‘what might have been’. I find these type of stories very difficult to maintain but Starz has put together a great team so am sure my high expectations will be satisfied.

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April 5th, 2017 by Cherry

iZombie – Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother

Image result for izombie

Warning spoilers for Tuesday’s iZombie


I was on pins and needles at the end of Season 2 trying to figure out what did everything mean! Well the season premier ‘Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother’ answered a lot of questions and set up the overall moral quandary not only for Liv (Team Human or Team Zombie) and how her friends (human and zombie) will navigate the reality of what would happen if people learned that we have zombies among us.

On the S3 premier Tuesday Liv and Clive headed to Fillmore Graves HQ. It was the moment when it hit both of them that they were dealing with some major badasses with superhuman powers and the money to make life a lot simpler for assimilation. One of the more touching moments of this episode that will be a more emotional core for Clive is when he sees a cute little boy, Wally that used to live in his apt building. Neither of them had thought about zombie kids and what that would entail (education, living life and eating brains). I think as the season progresses the murder of Wally and his mother Anna will propel Clive to find who killed them and make zombies seem more like individuals. I suspect it might be a conspiracy nut who called into the radio station saying that he had ‘zombie’ neighbors after Liv & Clive weren’t able to stop the security guard from spilling the beans.

Liv and Clive driving to the radio station

I thought it was quite cleaver to take care of the investigation by blowing up the space so that it will burn up most of the bodies and forensic evidence. As well as getting to all of the survivors of the Chaos Killer to have a good cover story absolving Major. Sadly a few witnesses will not stop people from still thinking that Major is guilty and he WAS guilty so …. As Major tries to get back to normal he was reminded that it’s hard to find a job when people think your a serial killer! Luckily he’s a man with a special skill set so he signs on with Fillmore Graves. Hopefully Vivian never learns that HE killed her husband cause she doesn’t seem like a forgiving type of woman! But Major is basically a decent guy which is why he didn’t kill anyone but he still kidnapped people and left the entire city terrorized. His new life is going to have him evaluate what he wants to do next from taking the cure to finding the hooker with a heart of gold or embracing the life of a mercenary and how those decisions will affect his friendships. It wasn’t the life he planned as a teacher!

It’s always good to be rich and as Vivian Still, CEO of Fillmore Graves begins to use her position to set up a Zombie Homeland off Seattle. As they prepare for ‘Discovery Day’, when humans learn about their brain-eating living dead neighbors the plan is to have a self sustaining place for them to live with schools, homes and of course her mercenary business! I can imagine a LOT of people wanting to hire some undead mercenaries <guffaw>. I mean they are mercenaries so how moral can the business or leadership truly be??

Liv is coming off the mercenary brain and is having some major emotional fallout after she had to

Girl you need some bronzer and hair dye!

shoot her zombie boyfriend when he was brain crazy and going to kill Clive (BFF). I think this season is going to be a major upheaval for the entire gang from Peyton, Ravi and Blaine love triangle as she’s torn between a sexy good doctor or a sexy drug dealing kingpin … such a hard choice! Not that Ravi doesn’t have a LOT on his plate with only 19 cures and no way to make more and working on offsetting the memory loss he’s going to be one busy doctor. I’m also thinking his arch-nemesis who fired him might come back to the lab as she tries to figure out WHY the body was in such a advanced state of decay and had brain in the stomach! I’m not sure how Liv & Ravi will explain that but am sure it will be a doozy of jumping through hoops.


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October 2nd, 2016 by Cherry



I must admit I wasn’t too sure how the CW would take such a good film as Frequency and turn it into a weekly show but when I saw the cast I was curious. I mean they have Mekhi Phifer, Peyton List and Riley Smith actors I’ve ‘known’ for years from TV and film who are able to disappear in a role. So I was not surprised that the preview I saw at the Paley Center 2016 Fall TV Preview was not just a solid effort but (pardon my language) DAMNED GOOD!

The premier episodes set up the story with a nod to the source material (the 2000 film with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel but with updates since the series is in 2016. The biggest change is that Peyton Smith is gender sapped with Detective Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) a woman who’s grown up with a long shadow over her life. The shadow of her father’s death Police Officer Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith) who died in the line of duty as a dirty cop. She grew up with her mother and a chip on her shoulder that makes her want to be the officer her father wasn’t. One day during her daughter’s bday an old transistor of her dads in the shed gets fixed by her boyfriend and it somehow connects with her father. This is the solid core of the series as Raimy gets to know her father through the radio and changes the course of all their lives. She begins to question what she knows and believes and begins to talk with his old partner Satch DeLeon (Mekhi Phifer) who is now her Captain that might not be as honest about her father as she believes.

What makes the series work is that it has such great meaty story with a mix of police procedural, mystery, family drama and a relatable emotional core. Fans of the film will tune in for the first episode and will not be disappointed with the fast pace, acting, story and mystery. It has a strong lead with Peyton List who’s able to be tough and emotional.

This series won’t get lost with all the other time-travel series this is one where it’s more alternative reality where the future is changed by the past. It has a moral quandary of ‘when you make a change to better YOUR family’ what are the unforeseen consequences? Is it right to or wrong and who decides what person should live or die.

I was hooked by the first episode and NOT just because I fangirled after interviewing Mekhi Phifer, Peyton List and Riley Smith all of who have been on shows I loved! It’s just a good solid mystery show that hits my nerd sweetspot! Tune into the premier and check out my interviews at cherrylosangeles @youtube 

THE CAST | Peyton List (The Tomorrow People), Riley Smith (The Messengers), Mekhi Phifer (ER), Devin Kelley (Resurrection), Anthony Ruivivar (Banshee), Daniel Bonjour (The Walking Dead) and Lenny Jacobson (Nurse Jackie)


Frequency: Detective Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) has followed in her father’s footsteps becoming a NYPD officer working with his former partner/friend Captain Satch DeLeon (Mekhi Phifer). She lives with the shame that Officer Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith) died as a corrupt undercover Officer over 20 years ago. Was he a corrupt cop? In Frequency she gets a second chance to get to know her father and learn the truth with an old ham radio able to transmit from 1996. Raimy begins to question what she was told and tells Frank about his murder causing a chain of events that will rewrite history and may destroy her future.






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July 17th, 2016 by Gigi Teen Geek
by Gigi, Teen Geek


So as we all know it’s that time of the year again: San Diego Comic-Con. Warner Bros. Television’s have released official comic con 2016 interactive bags coming in 18 awesome designs for fans to collect their swag in. The bags now feature an interactive component  through the Blippar app, which unlocks an augmented reality experience. Ian Somerhalder of the Vampire Diaries displays how to use the app with the bag.

More than 135000 bags will be released to Comic-Con attendees and the designs featured on the bags are inspired from hit shows and upcoming films Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The 100, Arrow, The Big Bang theory, Blindspot, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Gotham, iZOMBIE, Suicide Squad, Lucifer, Supergirl, Supernatural, and a combo bag featuring The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

I want the Vampire Diaries/the Original Bag and hope Cherry will grab me one AND get it signed by the cast <hint hint>

Are you attending San Diego Comic Con 2016? Tell us what bag do you hope to grab and why? What’s your favorite WB TV show? Leave a comment below and post your bag on twitter with #WBSDCC #WBSDCCBag.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a TVD and Originals superfan I automatically go to the combo bag featuring both shows. I mean who wouldn’t love a bag featuring Ian Somerhalder or Joesph Morgan. The front features a combined image of infamous V and O intermingled. And when you lift the cover on top there is an image of Stefan and Damon Salvatore and on the bottom features an image of the Originals’ squad. The bag showcases the darkness of each show by excluding the bright colors from the bag. All of the bags are aesthetically pleasing especially the Teen Titans Go!, Vixen, and DCS LEGENDS of TOMORROW.

All of the bags have three panels of artwork, designed by Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing. One side of the bag features a velcro-fastened cover flap featuring a classic show-related image that opens to show a unique show-related design and the back of the bag includes the new Comic-Con 2016 design.

For more information on Comic-Con check out and @warnerbrostv on Twitter (hashtag #WBSDCC).

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