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July 16th, 2017 by Cherry

Nerds Like Us at SDCC 2017 for the hero and rebel in us all

This year you can dance and party with Dante Basco (Rufio in HOOK, Prince Zuko in AVATAR: the Last Airbender) spinning some hot tunes at the Comic Con after party on Thursday night. Doors open shortly before 9PM when they debut of his shot film Bangarang (Rufio Origins) with a Q&A with cast and director. The party starts at 9:30 PM with hosts the Geek Gatsby: Bernie Bregman (MC/Host/Cosplay), performance by the Library Bards and DJ Chuck None. Buy Presale Tickets 

VIPs confirmed to attend:

Isaiah Mustafa (Shadowhunters, NFL, Old Spice)
Eddie Bernard (Sony Pictures)
Katherine Macnamara (Shadowhunters)
Walter E. Jones (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Chase Coleman (The Originals)
Micah Parker (Vampire Diaries)


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July 21st, 2014 by Cherry

It’s that time of the year and you know what that means … CRAZED competition to get the SDCC ‘It’ bag.  Last year I finally got a Supernatural bag had to beg and barter (but not steal) to get my Winchesters but now well I’m thinking should I switch it up with a new favorite show?  I fell in love with the Originals (gotta love a sexy chocolate vampire .. but I like the vanilla ones too!!! tee hee) or the Following (deranged psychopath or former FBI agent??? both are way too bad for me to date!) but I do like the graphics of the Flash and Gotham … so many choices but you can only get one so make sure you pick the right line!  Or get ready to beg somebody for the bag of your geek dreams!!!

ARROW Comic-Con 2014 Bag BATMAN CLASSIC TV SERIES Comic-Con 2014 Bag CONSTANTINE Comic-Con 2014 Bag FOLLOWING-THE Comic-Con 2014 Bag

iZOMBIE Comic-Con 2014 Bag ORIGINALS-THE Comic-Con 2014 Bag TEEN TITANS GO Comic-Con 2014 Bag BATMAN 75 Comic-Con 2014 Bag
COMIC-CON SIDE Official 2014 Bag FLASH-THE Comic-Con 2014 Bag GOTHAM Comic-Con 2014 Bag MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES Comic-Con 2014 Bag

SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con 2014 Bag



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October 28th, 2013 by Cherry

I’ve been watching two new series that are spinoffs from established series that started this season.  The Originals on the CW and Ravenswood on ABC Family.

The Originals is truly a stand alone that from the first episode put in their mythology, good storylines that will be strong enough to last more than one season, a cast that has major chemistry and follows the Vampire Diaries style to appeal to old fans but will still be appealing to new fans.

Ravenswood is spinoff from the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars.  My problem with the fantasy gothic show is that it assumes everyone watching is fan of Pretty Little Liars so from the opening scene it’s a bit muddled.  The assume you know a lot more about the show than is explained so I felt lost from the opening scene.   I saw the first commercial when watching Twisted (LOVE THAT SHOW!!!) and was mildly curious with the moody shadow supernatural vibe.  It’s right up my geeky sweetspot of tv shows and I was hoping it would similar to the first season of Supernatural.  

How both shows have handled being spinoffs is fascinating.  If your never seen the original shows you might feel confused or lost with Ravenswood but The Originals philosophy is to map out something parallel but different that doesn’t rely on using the exact same map.  Now it is a CW Show so it’s all about very pretty people, heaving bosoms, PG13 sex and has the popular sexy vampire thing going for it.  While Ravenswood well in the first episode I’m not sure if it’s a haunted house, witches, ghosts or some other supernatural being.  I’ll give Ravenswood 2 more episodes before cutting it lose if it doesn’t hook me.

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