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Los Angeles

Batman is coming to DC for the premier

Can I welcome Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to my adopted hometown of Washington, D.C. for the will present the World Premiere of “Batman: Gotham By Gaslight” on January 12, 2018 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is having an epic “DC in D.C.” event weekend starting Friday, January 12th at the Newseum Museum with the world premier …

Los Angeles

Geek out at the Smithsonian magazine’s 2016 The Future is Here Festival

I want to head to Washington, DC for the festival to attend the talk with William Shatner as he reminisces about 50 years of Star Trek and his new book about Leonard Nimoy (Spock). How can you calculate the cost of meeting the original Captain Kirk and get to sit in the designated seating area to hear the SyFy channels panel …

Los Angeles

Eating my way across America with Thrillist Pop Up Road Trip!

Anyone planning to join me and eat their way across the country? I’m so excited to attend the Culinary Road Trip a Pop-Up dining experience from the great minds of Thrillist this weekend in Hollywood. Looking over the list of locations I’ve either lived or visited every region/city except for Portland! I think that my …

culture Los Angeles

You had me at state signature cocktail!

Well BuzzFeed sparked my curiosity when I saw the header of the article ‘home state’s signature drink’.  I’ve lived in a few drinks, love history and enjoy stumping bartenders .  Just kidding I’m usually a margarita, mojito, white russian and wine sort of person but I’m always open to expanding my palate!   Check out the …

Los Angeles

Can MLK Day be used to sell oil changes???

I always believe tying your marketing into holidays and current events but somethings just don’t make any sense.  Using MLK Day for your advertising is pretty common but using the iconic speech ‘I have a Dream’ to sell bundled discount oil changes isn’t a logical step. I would instead have recommended using ‘We celebrate Martin …


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