My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – Cherry at the Movies Review

Don’t we all need a hero??? Class 1-A takes on their biggest villains yet! My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the second feature-length film from the Shonen Jump anime from Tokyo’s Bones studio. Available now on Blu-ray/DVD/Streaming/VOD. It’s a continuation of the universe that started manga and jumped to an anime series, video games, spinoffs, and feature films that have […]

“X-MEN The Animated Series” Cast Reunites to Discuss Show and Honor Late Castmember

X-Men the Animated Series debuted 28 years ago this week on Halloween in 1992. It was extremely popular and ended up amassing a giant fanbase, which helped pave the way for the success of 20th Century Fox’s live-action X-Men film in 2000, which itself was the beginning of what was to become a 20 year run of popular and successful […]

Halloween on Hulu

Hulu always brings the scares! We’ve still got a few weeks in the spooky season and Hulu has shows that you have to enjoy popcorn and soda (or beverage of choice). I’m excited to see the new horror movie Bad Hair streaming on October 23rd. I was excited to hear about it from Sundance Festival but was unable to see […]

TV Talk: Sugith Varughese about new series Transplant and career

You may not know Sugith Varughese but you’ve heard and seen him in film & TV for years The first series that I noticed him in a substantial role was the charming ‘fish out of water’ comedy Little Mosque on the Prairie when it streamed on Hulu. When I saw the photo I was curious and when I watched the first episode […]


MY HERO ACADEMIA: HEROES RISING MOVIE BUNDLE is coming home October 27th with a bundle including the number one hero and available NOW for pre-order!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE My Hero Academia so much that I subscribed to Funimation JUST to watch! It might be since I see myself as a bit of a Deku. I was an outsider geek who […]

The babysitters will save us!

Trouble’s coming kiddies so get ready for the the babysitters to save you! I love love love these movies that remind me of the 80s kid adventure movies and the new Netflix film A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting looks like it’s a blast. Not too scary but with a few boo moments to watch with the lights off and […]

I’m spending Christmas with Sylvie!

How often do you fall in love with a poster? My heart skipped a beat when I saw the poster for Sylvie’s Love at first glance I thought a romantic drama or maybe a romcom .. but watching the trailer I got something unexpected and delightful Who doesn’t love a trailer that teases without giving away the film? Whoever cut […]

It’s looking like Xmas with OPERATION CHRISTMAS DROP

I’d like to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what I want but Erica gets that xmas treat! Kat Graham stars in the new holiday movie Operation Christmas Drop where she finds the Christmas spirit premiering November 5th on Netflix. I loved the trailer especially with Erica meet-cute with Captain Andrew. She may have been taken aback at the […]

THE FORTY-YEAR-OLD VERSION Cherry at the movies Review

Is a breath of fresh air about a 40 year old Black woman coming of age movie and I love IT!!! In the new Netflix film, The Forty-Year-Old Version opens with Radha (Radha Blank) is teaching high school students who don’t want to be their anymore than she does as she looks down the road and sees a life she […]

‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ – Cherry at the movies Review

Looking for the big bad wolf Writer-director Jim Cummings new film holds a mirror to toxic-masculinity  The Wolf of Snow Hollow isn’t the horror monster movie I expected instead it’s a suspense film that has sparks of humor but that at its core is about emotional maturity, toxic-masculinity, and daddy issues. The film opens at a AA meeting with a man […]


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