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***SPOILERS*** ahead if you haven’t caught up! (And you should because this season is crazy)


After last week’s episode (SE4, E17), I’m left hanging with more questions. I’m hoping today’s episode will answer at least some of them. Let’s break the questions down by a few noteworthy scenes from last week.


We see Mack for the first time but the heartbreaking thing is seeing his deceased daughter, Hope, alive in this virtual reality. After Hydra raids Mack’s house, he and Hope are taken back to its HQ. Skye aka Daisy then goes into Mack’s interrogation room, hoping that he would remember her. When he calls her Daisy and identifies her as an Agent of Shield, I thought “Yes, he remembers!” but sadly no.  It was a trap set by May. Daisy is now captured, beaten and will be tortured by “The Doctor” aka Fitz.


How will Daisy escape or be rescued?

Will May finally realize that she’s living in a fake world? Maybe meeting Coulson could help?

What will it take for Mack to remember the real world? (I imagine it would be hard for him to let go of his daughter)


Ward brings Jemma and Coulson to the resistance’s HQ (SHIELD’s HQ in the real-world) to meet with their leader, The Patriot aka Jeffrey Mace. They work together to locate Radcliffe, who they find and confront on a secluded island where he’s living with Agnes. Radcliffe confirms Jemma’s worst fear. He notifies her that Madam Hydra aka Ophelia aka AIDA must have sealed off the framework’s “exit door.”


Is there a backup exit door that only AIDA knows about?

How will the team try to escape now?


Meanwhile Madam Hydra and The Doctor accompanied by Hydra agents find them on the island. Jemma, Coulson and Ward hide behind bushes while watching Madam Hydra and The Doctor question Radcliffe about the “subversives’” whereabouts. The Doctor  holds a gun to Agnes’s head to force an answer out of Radcliffe. But he tries to convince Fitz that they are in an alternate reality and pleads him not to kill Agnes (because if she dies in that world, she stays dead). Seeing this, Ward tries to shoot The Doctor  but Jemma begs him not to. She believes that the actual Fitz would never kill an innocent woman.Then the ultimate shock factor happens: Fitz shoots and kills Agnes point-blank. After Jemma cries out of horror and distraught, she, Ward, and Coulson get caught, causing a shootout between them and the Hydra agents. They escape successfully but Radcliffe gets locked up at Hydra’s HQ. We also see that Mack shows up at resistance’s HQ and offers his help.

Questions, so many questions:

Does the resistance now think that Jemma is working against them? (She did defend “The Doctor” in Ward’s presence) How will she explain everything to Mace and Ward?

How will Ward react when he finds out he’s just a virtual character based off of a dead bad guy? Will he turn on the resistance?

Would Fitz finally snap out of it if he meets Jemma? Will he try to kill her? How will his virtual actions affect their relationship if/when they reunite in the real world?

Finally, can our beloved Agents of SHIELD outsmart AIDA?


I guess we just have to watch and see! Tune in on ABC at 10:00 PM PST tonight for the new episode.

Let us know what you’re looking forward to seeing and what questions you’re hoping will be answered!