Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes

Escape Boredom and Journey to a Small Town Where Fantastical Creatures and Folklore Come to Life Cartoon Network Studios’ Victor and Valentino hit my love sweet spot for animation and mythology! The Imagen Award-nominated series created by Diego Molano follows two half brothers who stay with their grandmother in Monte Macrabe over the summer and have LOTS of adventures! Monte Macrabe […]

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is my kind of movie!

Batman: Soul Of The Dragon is helmed by Bruce Timm and he is taking us back to the 1970s for a supernatural martial arts battle royale! Batman: Soul Of The Dragon is the new WB DC Universe Elseworlds action film with Bruce Wayne training under a master sensi in the 1970s.  He forms lifelong bonds with the other elite students in the martial arts […]

“X-MEN The Animated Series” Cast Reunites to Discuss Show and Honor Late Castmember

X-Men the Animated Series debuted 28 years ago this week on Halloween in 1992. It was extremely popular and ended up amassing a giant fanbase, which helped pave the way for the success of 20th Century Fox’s live-action X-Men film in 2000, which itself was the beginning of what was to become a 20 year run of popular and successful […]

Ben 10 is BACK in a new animated movie!

Cartoon Network Ben 10 is taking on the universe this fall to save planet earth I’m a big kid at heart since I’ve been a big fan of Ben 10 since the first animated series premiered on CN back in 2005! I’ve watched every series and enjoyed the sibling rivalry, kid hero, kindly grandpa, friends, and villains. The show has […]


Can earth’s greatest heroes are in for an all-out winner take all brawl with Darkseid in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War I’ve watched these films for the last six years and am always excited to see one of my favorite baddies take center stage and kick some superhero bootie! Darkseid has always been the ‘one to beat’ or (in my opinion) […]

What if Superman was Russian?

Look up in the sky its …. Superman: Red Son???? We all know who’s faster than a speeding bullet even with a change of uniform! It’s not the Superman most of us know instead it begs the question what if our favorite Kryptonian missed Kansas and instead landed behind the Iron Wall of Russia? Would he still stand for truth, […]

X-Reads Podcast geeky fun show

Let’s talk X-Men It’s always a great time to watch and talk about X-Men the Animated Series that’s been relaunched on Disney+! When you think of Rogue from the classic animated series you hear Lenore Zann who joined the X-Reads Podcast to chat X-Men the Animated Series. Lenore joined co-hosts Chandler Poling and Chris Riley on Wednesday, November 6th for a […]


Stars Cliff “Method Man” Smith, AnnaSophia Robb, Ethan Peck & Seth Barrish only on Stitcher Premium The podcast series celebrates the 25th anniversary of Kurt Busiek’s and Alex Ross’ award-winning four-part comic book “Marvels,” which was released to critical acclaim in 1994. The podcast series sees the world from behind the lens of photojournalist Phil Sheldon as he navigates NYC after the […]

Jump on the Infinity Train again! Book 2 is coming.

Infinity Train is leaving the station with a Five-Night Event Beginning Monday, Jan. 6 (7:30 pm, ET/PT) I fell head over heels with the Infinity Train when Cartoon Network showed the teaser trailer. The animation, voices, whimsical story and adventure delighted me with every episode. When Tulip (Ashley Johnson) made it home in time for her tech camp I squealed with […]


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