The Shasta Triangle is bringing the chills

Where Would You Go to Get Home? You’ll be able to answer the question December 3, 2019 when the movie is released on all digital platforms in US/Canada.

“I’m a minority female in the industry with a long-time love of sci-fi and horror, specifically shows like The Twilight ZoneSupernatural, and The Magicians. I really wanted to tell a story that could live in a similar world and spotlight a diverse cast of women in a way that hasn’t been seen much in the genre. And with the current hunger for female driven narratives, The Shasta Triangle delivers a complex and compelling story.”

Helenna Santos, Producer

The Mighty Pharaoh Films team of Barry W. Levy (writer/director) and Helenna Santos (Producer) are behind the diverse sci fi/horror film The Shasta Triangle. It’s a film that will appeal to fans of the genre as a woman returns to her hometown to investigate her father’s disappearance with childhood friends fight to break the darkness controlling the town of Shasta, CA. The sci fi/horror movie will have fans of the genre who are hungry for woman and diverse led films will be excited to see.

“Never have there been more questions about what’s ‘real’ in our world, as we see in concepts like Simulation Theory, multiple dimensions, the Earth’s ley lines and hot spots, and mysterious ‘Sounds’ heard around the world.”

Barry W. Levy, Writer/Director

The Shasta Triangle stars Dani Lennon (The Love Witch, FEARnet’s Bite Me), Ayanna Berkshire (Twilight, NBC’s Grimm), Helenna Santos (CW’s The Flash, ABC’s The Good Doctor), Madeline Merritt (The Guest House, Auteur), and Deborah Lee Smith (Here Awhile, Last Three Days).

The Shasta Triangle was Produced and Executive Produced by Helenna Santos and Barry W. Levy, with Executive Producers Sean Kojoori, Deborah Lee Smith, Todd Foster, Co-Executive Producer Bill Aylesworth, Co-Producers Jason Satterlund, Deborah Lee Smith, Lex Benedict, Greg Cruser, Brian Confer, with Associate Producer David Roberson. The film was Edited by Barry W. Levy, Cinematography by Richard Galli, with an Original Score by Sean Barrett.

About Mighty Pharaoh Films Mighty Pharaoh Films is a film production company run by husband and wife team Barry W. Levy and Helenna Santos, and based in Los Angeles, California and Vancouver, British Columbia. Visit: 

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5 Galaxies a tale of the future

It’s a tale of five cities with a science-fiction twist! 5 Galaxies are timeless stories about love, over-population, space-travel, life on earth and in space. All told from five different visually-gifted filmmakers that tell stories of a future of humanities own making.

The new film has five different stories about artificial intelligence, survival, over population and more that will have you thinking about humanity in the future. Stars include features Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, “Suits”) and Neil Jackson (“Sleepy Hollow”) featuring segments from visionary filmmakers as Nelson Lee, Kristen Hilkert, Amir Reichart, Vitaly Verlov and Marc-Henri Boulier.

Available on DVD and Digital December 10 from Uncork’d Entertainment

Street Food Cinema Offers Free Admission For First Responders to Cinema Phantasmagoria on Saturday, November 2nd at Million Dollar Theatre

Street Food Cinema is kicking off the holiday season with the Halloween/Christmas classic ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ AND free admission for SoCal First Responders

First Responders do so much and Street Food Cinema is giving back to them and their families with free admission to First Responders and their families this Saturday, November 2nd to the Cinema Phantasmagoria finale event featuring the Tim Burton classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” at the Million Dollar Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. The First Responder or family member need only provide their ID for entrance. It will be a night of spooky fun with showings at 6PM & 8PM. Doors open at 5pm and the Backstage Ghost Tour’s takes place every 15 minutes throughout the night.

What a fun night for any fan of Halloween and Christmas with Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas! It’s the last gasp for fans who want to enjoy with family and friends in COSTUME! All are welcomed and if you aren’t a First Responder Buy Tickets at STFoodCinema before it sells out! I hope to see you and of course get a few photos of Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, Sally and Zero (I do love DOGS!).

Street Food Cinema’s newest specialty event series — Cinema Phantasmagoria ran throughout the  month of October through Halloween at the Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Attendees can bring their food from the Grand Central Market right next door back in with them to enjoy during their movie. And, if you dare, take the historic VIP Backstage Ghost Tour (this hair raising fifteen minute tour will be running throughout the night for guests of all ages) and step into the depths of the gothic Million Dollar Theatre. The Million Dollar Theater is more than a 100 years old and was opened by Sid Grauman as in Grauman’s Theatre (his first in Los Angeles). A spooky tour of this classic landmark is a must-see for Hollywood history aficionados!

Daybreak Review a deadly teen drama

It’s Breakfast Club meets Mad Max but much more stylishly!

How best to enjoy Daybreak the new Netflix Original apocalyptic series that takes the teen drama and spins it on its head? I think that Binge or enjoy it weekly <hmm> Well I binged it since each episode left my ravenous for more!

I think John Hughes might be spinning in his grave with this new look at teen angst comedy drama ‘Daybreak’ on Netflix! The series is based on Brian Ralph’s comics series with Aron Eli Coleite and Brad Peyton co-creators helming the streaming series adaptation taking place at Glendale High School. The show views the prism through high school clicks, gender/racial expectations, class, divorce, daddy issues and canabalism! The tribes of kids who’ve taken over what’s left of LA include, 4-H Club (makes sense being able to survived off the land), athletes, the smart kids, the goths, girl power chicks and others that we don’t get to meet (logistics but I beast NoHo would be CRAZY with the gentrifiers vs locals). Grownups are around but they are ‘smart’ zombies called ghoulies that are ghosts of the adults who ruined the world (hello Climate Change) that eat ANYTHING including the mutated animals.

Ursula Coyote/Netflix

The ‘hero’ is the every basic white boy in Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) that’s surviving by focusing on looking for his ‘out of his league’ Brit girlfriend Sam Dean (Sophie Simnett) that got separated before the big one as he dealt with his own family drama. Rounding out the stars are Wesley Fists (Austin Crute) the Gay Former Sport Clique member making up for his sins by following the ways of Wu-Tang aka Kung Fu/Samaurai with a little cultural appropriation, Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind) the 10-year-old drug lord that’s way too smart and kind of evil for her own good, Principal Michael Burr (Matthew Broderick) is in flashbacks trying to see the best in his charges, Ms. Crumble (Krysta Rodriguez) is the teacher who showed weakness to the kids and tries to live it down, Eli Cardashyan (Gregory Kasyan) plays the kids living his BEST life in the apocalypse, and top of the heap are Turbo Bro Jock (Cody Kearsley) and Mona Lisa ( Jeanté Godlock) who aren’t the sport bullies you think <well they are> just not the normal teen drama popular sport bullies!

Ursula Coyote/Netflix

It’s a fun fast paced series that allows each character time to be the star so that you get a richer characters, part way through I switched sides of who I war rooting for and was surprisingly delighted with them breaking the fourth wall in this wild ride. It’s such fun I think I’ll read the source material. It’s not perfect since some of the jokes didn’t hit for me (but I am not the target audience) but overall it’s a fun show that’s not a remake does give homage to the movies/tv shows that it shares the road with but doesn’t fall into the trap of being a pale imitation. Instead it embraces it’s quirky differences and runs for the home base <I don’t follow sports so might be wrong on the allegory but you get what I’m saying>. It has some sex and for sure a lot of violence but it’s portrayal of not fitting Black Gender/Class/Sexuality conformity really hit home for me and would be a great conversation starter about consent as well.

Grade: A-

“American Son”: Broadway to Film

Yesterday the official trailer for the critically acclaimed Broadway play that is the newest Netflix Television Event “American Son” dropped today and from the looks of it, is going to take you on the emotional ride of your life.

Starring Kerry Washington and Steve Pasquale, we enter into a world where their son is missing and as Washington is told, where there has been an “incident.” We are taken on an upfront and personal exploration of living as a black person in American today. Touching on the fears and dangers of Black Americans faced with police in society today.

One of the most profound moments in the trailer is Washington’s character confronting the officer who comes to her, with this incident, with the things we have to tell our children on how to deal with the police to not get shot and the irony of police claiming fear at an unarmed Black man, while the officer is wearing bullet proof vests and pointing a glock at his head. Here we are supposed to remain calm, but the officer’s fear is supposed to justify harming us.

I don’t know how this will end, but the ride looks to be tortuous, emotional and heartbreaking. Netflix drops this film on November 1, 2019 and I am queued up and ready to watch. Join the discussion.