I Care A Lot is coming to Netflix

Scammers gonna scam especially in heels and sunglasses! Bad girls bad girls! Netflix is having a full slate of new films for 2021 and it includes I Care A Lot written and directed by J Blakeson after seeing the trailer at TIFF 2020. I wasn’t able to see a screening but added to my ‘must see’ list once it’s released. […]

Home searching during Covid-19

May as well dream of moving out of my apt! I’ve been in SoCal for while and like many love to tour open houses, haunt redfin, and dream of what I would buy. If you think it’s time to to make your House Hunter dreams a reality I have a few thoughts! I’m so looking forward to 2021 and hope […]

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back for mayhem!

Hi Aunties! Aunt Zelda, Aunt Hilda AND Prudence <oh my> It’s the final 8 episodes for our favorite with! Part 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is kicking off with a bang with Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea reprising their iconic roles as Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda! Broderick and Rhea starred in the 1990’s TV series Sabrina the Teenage […]

Justin Simien welcome to the Disney+ family

Lando Calrissian is coming to Disney+ in his own series Justin Simien is joining the Star Wars family with the announcement from Lucasfilm that he’s developing a series around beloved stylish cape lover Lando Calrissian. Now we get to see if how he interprets the ‘voice’ of Lando. I remember when they introduced the Handsome Black Swashbuckler to the SWU […]

Bring Buck Rogers Home

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is available NOW on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber Studio Classics I’m beyond ecstatic that Buck Rogers in the 25th Century has been released on Blu-ray. Like many, I have fond memories of watching TV shows and films as a kid with family and friends. So imagine my delight that I can add this to […]


This is the way of the Mandalorian Like many, I’ve been enjoying the 2nd season of The Mandalorian on Disney+ that has been enriched by the score from the Oscar®, Grammy®, and Emmy® winning composer Ludwig Göransson (Tenet, Black Panther). Walt Disney Records has released the soundtrack for The Mandalorian S2, Volume 1 (Chapters 9-12) for fans to enjoy. You can buy to enjoy […]

‘Jingle Jangle’ Review: Toys are dancing through my head

It’s the Netflix holiday movie with a lot of soul, lovely songs, and a cast that so many can see themselves.  ‘Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey’ is a delightful addition to the Netflix holiday offering that will be a classic for many a household. It’s a family-friendly film that will engage young, old, and kids at hearts with a cast that […]

Titans is on HBO Max

I’m so excited that Titans S1 & S2 are on HBO Max I’ve had DC Titans on my must list for a while since I’m a huge fan of my teenage superheroes. Am geeking out that S1 and S2 are now on HBO Max! I’ve watched the first six episodes of the series and it’s not the comic book I […]

Halloween on Hulu

Hulu always brings the scares! We’ve still got a few weeks in the spooky season and Hulu has shows that you have to enjoy popcorn and soda (or beverage of choice). I’m excited to see the new horror movie Bad Hair streaming on October 23rd. I was excited to hear about it from Sundance Festival but was unable to see […]


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