The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk (November 13, 2011–February 12, 2012)

Image via Wikipedia Image via Wikipedia I am so JEALOUS of Dallas and this exhibit of Jean Paul Gaultier couture fashion.  I would LOVE to go to Dallas and see this exhibit.  Am I the only only who would love to spend her time flying all over the world seeing museum exhibits of fashion from designers?   The Fashion World of Jean […]

Daily Horoscope — Cancery

Frisky Horoscopes I LOVE it when my horoscope gives me good news.  I always ‘believe’ when I like the horoscope and disregard it when it tells me something out of left field.  This is where my heart is right now with my making changes with my career and life in general.  I am looking to start my own path with […]

Cookin’ with Wolfgang Puck’s All Natural Beef Broth

Ok I’m not really cooking with Chef Puck but am using his great beef broth to make my soup this week.  Brrrr it’s sooo chilly in LA (70 degrees … ha ha family in Iowa!)! I decided on Sunday to go to Trader Joe’s and picked up beef sirloin tips, onions and salt.  Than hit Ralph’s for a selection of […]

White House programs for Veterans

If you know a Veteren who’s looking for a job here are a few programs that is offered by the government.  Please forward the link to anyone who’s looking for help!   President Obama believes that no veteran should have to fight for a job at home after they fight for our nation overseas. The American Jobs Act includes two tax credits that […]

Chinese films aren’t just Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon – U.S.-China Film Festival

What I learned at the U.S.-China Film Summit I attended the film summit on November 1, 2011 at the Westside Landmark Theatre and learned quite a bit about business of China’s collaboration with the U.S. Entertainment Industry.  When the average American thinks of Chinese films in their minds it’s men flying in robes, fighting with swords, practicing ‘movie style’ martial […]

Halloween 2011 West Hollywood – Costumextravaganza

In a press release, West Hollywood Mayor John J. Duran said, “What started out as a bunch of gay men in drag stumbling in heels on Santa Monica Boulevard in Boystown has become the largest Halloween Carnaval in the world!” 500,000 were expected in West Hollywood for the event, which has been celebrated in the city since 1987.  In attendance […]

LOVING Warren Buffett’s idea to fix the deficit!!!

It goes without saying our elected Leech Officials won’t do ANY of these things!!!  Hopefully the President’s great example to get America Back to Work, Revitalize our Economy and Get the Infrastructure Up & Running to create jobs/fix our country/get us ready for the next century!  I find it so frustrating that people seem to live their lives like the Grasshoppers and […]

Have you heard of the new Couture Opera Costume Exhibit at Annenberg Beverly Hills

ANNENBERG BEVERLY HILLS. I’m excited this exhibit will be in Los Angeles for two more weeks and will be covering it with photos and a video!  Can’t wait to share this beautiful exhibit with everyone! Il Teatro alla Moda – Theater in Fashion ( OCTOBER 14 – NOVEMBER 13, 2011 Il Teatro alla Moda – Theater in Fashion, is the […]

GAMAY MEETS GRAFFITI – Los Angeles Celebrates Art and Beaujolais Nouveau on November 18

I’m looking forward to attending this Food and Wine Tasting in November.  Anyone else familiar with the French Beaujolais winemaker?  I’ve been experimenting various winemakers from all over the world and have to admit a fondness of French wine.  I’m curious to try the restaurants appetizers that specialize in French Food.  They are from all over SoCal and are: Cafe Metropol, Chez […]

We the People Takes the Next Step: Responding to Your Petitions | The White House

I’m so excited that the White House is finally taking the fight to the people!  President Obama can’t get our country back on track by himself especially when members of the Congress and Senate are vocal about their hope for him/his policies to fail.  Don’t they realize that their refusal to enact his policies, to work together to get people […]


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