Geeking with Star Wars Jedi

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Life is good for geek fans of the Disney XD animated series Star Wars Rebels. The series  finale ended with a growl when they introduced the ultimate big bad Darth Vader. Like fans the world and (am sure) the cosmos are wating on the edge of their couch. Happily I was one of the lucky legion of fans at the Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim where got to watch the season premier. The entire audiance was screaming over this episode that is taking our band of warriors into overdrive. I don’t want to give too much away but we get some major truth bombs about Kanan and the Clone Wars. We had gotten a few hints in the first season with his wanting to now open his heart, his inexeperience as a Jedi Master and why he’s still alive after the massacare!

Now some of you might still be a little mad that CN – Clone Wars ended so abruptly after George Lucas sold the whole kit and kaboodle to Disney. It made me wonder had the Empire really won the way! Happily the team is still fan boys and fan girls who approach every project with ‘What Would George Do?’ (WWGD) It is why as the fist season of Jedi went along with all of these new characters they were focused on allowing us to get to know them. You had to understand their story and WHY they are fighting the empire instead of hiding out and waiting for someone to save them.  As Freddie Prinz Jr. said ‘Star Wars teaches you that the hero doesn’t always win and that no matter how hard you try sometimes you fail’.

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