Love on Universal Studios Hollywood’s Jurassic Park Ride

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I’m a sucker for love and of course dinosaurs so my little grinch heart has swelled 1000 times big after hearing of this geeky proposal. I always say that every pot has a lid you just have to find a lid but in THIS case ‘love finds a way’! Devin and Chelsea learned that a new Jurassic World Ride will be opening in 2019 meaning they wouldn’t be able to celebrate the annual Bday tradition of a ride. Well Devin decided to make the final days special for Chelsea before the September close day.   Chelsea and Devin decided to break the unofficial “Jurassic Park – The Ride” record! So they rode it SIXTY-TWO times on July 17th for THIRTEEN hours (they took potty/food breaks) but still that’s a LOT of times to get soaked! Of course it was worth the wetness when Devin popped the question with a Jurassic Park inspired engagement ring. It’s a custom made misquote amber ring that looks like the amber rocks from the film franchise. Universal Pictures even got in on the romantic fun by donating a official Barbasol can prop replica for the proposal! Happily they even had T-Rex to really bring the movie to life!

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