TV Talk: Sugith Varughese about new series Transplant and career

TV Talk: Sugith Varughese about new series Transplant and career

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You may not know Sugith Varughese but you’ve heard and seen him in film & TV for years

The first series that I noticed him in a substantial role was the charming ‘fish out of water’ comedy Little Mosque on the Prairie when it streamed on Hulu. When I saw the photo I was curious and when I watched the first episode I developed a major crush on the idea of moving to a tiny village in Canada (sadly I’m a city girl that likes to be warm so it will remain a fantasy). Watching the series was a delight as if I’d made new Muslim friends that were much more attractive than the ones I have IRL (sorry all my friends are beautiful inside/outside ha-ha just kidding).

I saw him a few years later in my beloved horror series The Strain on FX where he played Naren Gupta but it’s when Netflix started streaming the comedy Kim’s Convenience that my mind made the connection.

I was delighted when watching the new NBC medical drama Transplant on Tuesday nights 10/9c to see him playing Dr. Aajay Singh.

My exclusive interview will be on my youtube channel CherryLosAngeles on October 27th so subscribe for reminders when it goes live.

After the camera stopped rolling we chatted about the new normal we are all living with Covid19 pandemic. He mentioned that Transplant has been picked up for S2 <hurrah> but hasn’t started filming yet. But I was incredibly ecstatic when he casually mentioned that filming of Kim’s Convenience has started and the steps that have been taken to make the set safe for the cast and crew. They have on-set staff separate from off-set, everyone is wearing a mask till right before the camera starts rolling, and the director is using the PA system to give directions. I mused on if it would look different than past seasons but he said no this is all behind the scenes <phew> not that I will be seeing it for some time since I am in the USA and we will get it on Netflix until April I guess <sigh>. I need some joyful TV and love that show. 

Our conversation continued where we discussed the business of filming in Canada with the tax credits, on if he’d be working on any US-based projects, and that I can watch (well listen) to him on the animated series Clifford the Red Dog on Prime Video

I had such a good time talking with him not simply because of his charm but the conversation was fascinating to talk about his career, family life, and how streaming services have allowed his family across the world to see him acting. 

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