Cooking BBQ with Darth Vader and the Death Star

I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They’re not much bigger than two meters. – Luke, Star Wars: Episode IV A new Hope Better keep Luke away from the new Star Wars Death Star Grill available for pre-order from TheFowndry for £99.99 (estimate $142.54 US) or he just might blow it up with a few of his rebel […]

Geek Gift: Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage at the Pantages

Any fan of Star Trek, the Pantages or beautiful music would love to find the gift of Star Trek the Ultimate Voyage Concert Tour 2016 at the Pantages April 1 & 2, 2016. “I could not deprive you of the revelation of all that you could accomplish together, of a friendship that will define you both in ways you cannot yet realize.” – Star Trek, 2009 […]


Can I just say that I REALLY wish I was rich and had won the Lotto a few months ago? So many items that I grew up loving that I really really want to have in my collection. They have a lot of great items but here’s my curated list of dream collectibles that would make my life my world […]

2015 Young Guns Invitational Art Show in Los Angeles

I’m looking forward to geek culture with the 2015  Young Guns Invitational showcasing emerging and rising artist who each will have three pieces to appeal to our inner geek! Fans from Star Wars to Clockwork Orange to the Thing to Predator will be able to see iconic movies from their eyes because really aren’t we all fanboys and fangirls at […]

I’m ready to break up with Supernatural

I’m just not that into the Winchester boys as I used to be. I mean I have my reasons that are all very valid (in my humble opinion). I’m over the angels. I mean REALLY over the angels and their superpower of being so annoying that I want to see Crawly (that’s a bit of a misnomer since he’s great […]

I got my Geekon with Falling Skies!

Get ready for some MAJOR spoilers from my interviews with the cast of Falling Skies at the 2014 Wondercon in Anaheim.   Get ready for DRAMA when the new season kicks off on TNT June 22, 2014 with hints about what’s happened since we left off our favorite alien fighters.  Well the show has fast forwarded a few months with […]

Andy Serkis & Matt Reeves you’ll make a monkey out of me!

I’m so excited that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is coming out July 11th in 3D especially after the chance to speak with the charming director Matt Reeves and getting schooled by Andy Serkis on movie magic!  It was an exciting interview that you can see on my channel cherrylosangeles @youtube  I got to talk monkeys, chimpanzees and schooled […]


How can you NOT love San Diego Comic Con with all the fun stuff that goes on in the Convention Center, surrounding hotels, Petco Park and areas all around town.  Now this fun online free book deal from Angel Phoenix Media … Download fast NOW LIVE! PROMOTION ENDS 11.59PM, 22ND JULY 2013. If you enjoy your free eBooks from Angel […]

I can’t quit you Star Trek into Darkness

Review of Star Trek into Darkness but I won’t be seeing  you in the theater four times .. just twice!     I will not lie when I heard that Abrams was rebooting Star Trek I got worried/annoyed and well ready for disappointment especially since the cast didn’t really knock me out of my socks but I always admit when […]

Let’s help out Sophia Bijou and geek out at the Monsterpalooza Convention in Burbank

I LOVE doing good especially when it’s for a good cause (the Sophia Bijou Fund has been setup to assist the Valdez family with treatments, medical bills and living expenses. Sophia was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) having an auction with good monster stuff right here in Hollywood!  The great thing is that even if your unable to attend in person or […]


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