You can explore space while keeping your feet firm on the ground

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If you don’t have a billionaire friend or a million dollars but have always wanted to go into space well here’s a more affordable ticket! 

If you’re looking for content to enjoy your VR gift I’d recommend UNITE from Felix & Paul Studios and Time Studios. It’s the fully immersive experience of exploring space with the crew of an astronaut training class as they experience that International Space Station life. 

Very few people are selected for even the hope of being able to live and work on the International Space Station (ISS). The few who do can only share that with others but with UNITE you can be an observer as half of an astronaut class is able to journey back to ISS and reunite with old and new friends as they look towards the future of humanity in space. UNITE shows us the experience from the viewpoints of Nick Hague, Christina Koch, Andrew Morgan, Jessica Meir, Luca Parmitano, Hazzaa Almansoori, Alexey Nikolaevich Ovchinin, Oleg Ivanovich Skripochka, and Aleksandr Alexandrovich Skvortsov as they return to the space station. 

UNITE is available on Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and RIFT

WHAT: Felix & Paul Studios, in association with TIME Studios, producers of EMMY® Award-winning Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, is launching the third episode UNITE where crew members from the same astronaut training class reunite aboard the International Space Station. 

UNITE SYNOPSIS: A space culture evolves between the select few who have had the chance to live and work aboard the International Space Station. Old friends arrive, and for the first time, half of an entire astronaut class reunites on the station. The cycle continues as, once again, one mission ends and another begins. The crew’s unique shared perspective grows stronger as colleagues realize dreams of the humanization of space together. Astronauts featured: Nick Hague, Christina Koch, Andrew Morgan, Jessica Meir, Luca Parmitano, Hazzaa Almansoori, Alexey Nikolaevich Ovchinin, Oleg Ivanovich Skripochka, and Aleksandr Alexandrovich Skvortsov. 

About Space Explorers: The ISS Experience 

The largest production ever filmed in space, Emmy-award-winning Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is an epic immersive series that invites you to join eight astronauts on life-changing missions aboard the International Space Station. The series features NASA astronauts Anne McClain, Christina Koch, Jessica Meir, Andrew Morgan, Nick Hague, and Victor Glover, CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques, ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano, and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi. Shot over two years using Felix & Paul Studios’ specialized 3D, 360-degree Space Cameras, and with exclusive access to the crew, the production produced over 200 hours of high-end virtual reality footage, and the first-ever visuals of the ISS, Planet Earth, and a spacewalk captured in high-end cinematic virtual reality. Get access to the astronauts’ full experience through moments of camaraderie, shared meals, and personal video logs. 

About Felix & Paul Studios 

Felix & Paul Studios is an EMMY® Award-winning creator of immersive entertainment experiences, creating unparalleled, highly engaging, presence-based experiences for the next generation of technology-enabled devices and venues. The studio’s catalog of over thirty 3D, 360-degree experiences exhibits the “industry’s best” in the new medium of immersive storytelling, including: 

  • Originals: The Space Explorers series, Traveling While BlackMIYUBI, the Nomads series, Strangerswith Patrick Watson; 
  • Productions with notable franchises: Jurassic WorldCirque du Soleil, Fox Searchlight’s Wild and Isle of Dogs, and The Confessionals series with Just for Laughs starring Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, Jud Apatow and Trevor Noah. 
  • Collaborations with world-renowned leaders and performers: President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, LeBron James, President Bill Clinton, Eminem, Wes Anderson, Brie Larson, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray and many others. 

The studio’s content is available for distribution in a range of immersive formats including 360-degree mobile on 5G-enabled smartphones, tablets, and headsets; 360-degree full-dome projection in domes and planetariums; fully-immersive VR on Facebook’s Oculus and other high-end virtual reality platforms; Giant Screen projection for science centers, space welcome centers and large-format cinemas; and the touring life-scale immersive exhibit, THE INFINITE, produced in partnership with PHI Studio. Felix & Paul Studios is the leading Space Media Company and the only media company recognized as an “Official Implementation Partner” by the ISS U.S. National Laboratory. 

About TIME Studios 

TIME Studios is the Emmy award-winning television and film division of TIME, the global media brand that reaches a combined audience of more than 90 million around the world. Built on the foundation of TIME’s award-winning visual journalism, which has earned over 52 major awards and nominations in the last seven years, and achieved 577 million video streams across all platforms in 2019, Emmy-winning TIME Studios harnesses the access and authority of one of the world’s most trusted and respected brands to bring premium truth-based programming to television and film around the world while continuing to push the boundaries of journalism and visual storytelling through new cutting-edge mediums including virtual reality and augmented reality. 

About Oculus The Oculus team at Facebook Reality Labs lets people defy distance—connecting with each other and the world—through world-class VR hardware and software. The Oculus content team pursues the creation of best-in-class games, social and narrative experiences, and new VR use-cases like fitness, productivity, and travel. Oculus joins other teams at Facebook Reality Labs dedicated to building the next computing platform centered around people. Facebook Reality Labs is committed to driving

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