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Cryptids are moving to town

Kidrobot is working with Disney designer and award winning artist, Scott Tolleson on a new set of darling cute ugly Cryptids! The vinyl art figure series comes in 16 unique designs featuring   Dunny designs by an all-star cast of groundbreaking artists including Greg “Craola” Simkins, Chris Ryniak, Alex Pardee, Charlie Immer, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Lee, Candie Bolton, Skinner, Tara McPhersonand Scott Tolleson. Each of …

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Designer Con 2011 in Pasadena — it’s all about Toys, Collectibles, T-Shirts and MORE!!

I attended the Designer Convention 2011 in Pasadena on November 5th.  I had the most fun EVER and got to meet quite a few artists.  It was great to see such a diverse group of men and women who are following their passions. I fell in LOVE with Booty Babe Art.  They are beautiful lifelike …

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