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Bill Lawrence talks Ted Lasso, TV, and life

Bill Lawrence talks Ted Lasso, TV, and life

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Can I introduce you to Ted Lasso?

I interviewed Bill Lawrence about his first streaming series on AppleTV and working with Jason Sudeikis. It’s sort of funny since I kind of ‘know him’ well I know him from watching his writing/creating numerous TV series over the years. From creating one of my favorite comedy series ‘Spin City’ to creating ‘Scrubs’ Bill has had me laughing for years. 

This new series that he created with SNL alumni Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt as the palate cleanser I need with the world today. Ted Lasso is a nice all around Midwest guy who is hired to cross the pond to coach a football team (American Soccer) by Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) with nefarious plans for revenge on her philandering ex-husband Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head).

What’s so enjoyable about the series is that the characters are allowed to breath and be human with flaws. I saw the first trailer and was unsure if I’d enjoy it but from the first moment I got it. Probably because I have a bit of Ted in me aka I choose to be nice/kind and treat people like I’d like to be treated. But really all the cast do a wonderful job breathing life into the roles that make them so real. The writers have given us a cast that no matter how small the part none are ‘small actors’. 

It’s a delightful show that is worth subscribing to AppleTV to enjoy and <hurrah> they’ve been given a greenlight for season two so we get to follow our intrepid players as they grow. 

Often I find comedies are so cynical and mean that your laughing at the characters who deep down you likely wouldn’t care for in real life. Ted Lasso is a show chockful of characters I’d love to hang out with, go on a date and be friends.

Let me know what you think!

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