Blood Bound has me on the edge of my couch

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I’m in the mood for horror after watching the trailer of Richard LeMay’s movie Blood Bound on demand January 15, 2019. It looks like a sexy horror thriller perfect to cuddle up and watch with popcorn and the lights off!

Blood Bound stars Joseph Melendez (“The Americans”), Eden Brolin (‘’Beyond’’), Rosa Arredondo (“Roswell, New Mexico”), Gerald McCullouch (“C.S.I”), and Cobra Kai’s Vanessa Rubio. The director of Dementia 13 brings a sexiness to Blood Bound that has me curious about this family that comes to a small town to sacrifice three townies and one of the family members every 25 years. It looks like they are powerful supernatural monstrous creatures that need a sacrifice to keep their unholy power. Of course life finds a way when one of the family has a relationship with a local woman resulting in an unexpected pregnancy <cough> sacrificial lamb. Blood Bound will have fans of the classic Rosemary’s Baby and Drag Me to Hell thriller excited to stream this new film from Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment.


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