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WOW I have to say that I’m LOVING this horoscope after last week’s life drama that threw me for a loop this totally fits in with the new opportunity coming round the horizon for me.  Onward and upward I say!  I allowed myself to wallow in disappointment but picked myself up and dusted off my knees and kept moving.  I say see the silver lining in the cloud and if their isn’t one … well make your own silver lining.   If you’re not valued or respected it’s not a reflection on you but instead on them.  So am hoping that by the time August rolls around I’ll be firmly on the path of a new career, success and a paycheck!!!


Cancer (June 21-July 22): Your impulses will be on full blast. Lucky for you, the stars are all on your side to go as buck wild as you want. Spoil yourself rotten with whatever makes you feel like a queen. Whatever you want will work its way to you by sheer coincidence. This is a week that is full of magic, so be grateful for every minute you get to be you.

Best Lay Day: Friday, July 18

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