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My birthday is fast approaching so decided to interpret the meaning of TWO horoscopes this week.  My usual standby Friskyscopes and a new one from NYMag.  Hmmm they are a bit confusing since they seem to be in conflict.  One says find a new ‘home’ does that mean an apartment, someone to love or maybe a car (hey I live in LA and spend ALOT of time driving!) and well the other has some major upheaval coming my way and when I think of upheaval I think <DOOM>!!!  Well I’m not letting anything get me down and instead am playing Annie to fate with my eyes on the silver lining in the cloud.   The sun will come up tomorrow .. probably not Tuesday but tomorrow will always comes.

Over the past couple of years I’ve had lows and highs that I had to navigate.  Disappointment with job/career, getting off the path of fitness, my car accident that left me injured (damn sketch limo driver hit my car driving on the wrong side of the road and didn’t get in any trouble!) and heartache but I refuse to dwell in dark but instead am counting the blessing in my life.  2014 has brought me a new job, a focus on my blog/youtube channel that I’d lost and hope for new friends/love.  I’m going to control my own destiny and not wait for anyone to ‘fix it’.  I’ll do it on my own and be as self reliant as Batman!  I don’t need Robin to fight evil just my own will!

Cancer (June 21-July 22): A lot of emotions will be stirred up this 

week. Brace yourself for the rush, because you can expect 10 times more force back than you’ve put into your latest obsession. Yes, a lot of pent up surprises will explode in your face, making you have to react fast. Seems a new drama is going to emerge and it’ll be one that’ll dazzle as much as it dismays.

Cancer NYMAG

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

With an exalted Jupiter and the sun in your sign, you can accomplish almost anything now. Financially, you have the ability to take risks that generate positive results. Just be sure to communicate carefully and clearly. Now is also a good time to make any important changes you have been hoping to enact — especially those regarding your living situation.  Cancer is the most domestic of all signs. For approximately one month, you have the ability to find a cozy crab shell of your own, a retreat from what you often perceive to be a hostile world.

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