Cancer horoscope musing week of February 2 2015

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What can I say but it has to be a great week if I get Queen Bey as my astrology gif courtesy of NYMag! But if one is good than two must be better so I read  horoscopes from Friskyscopes, Elle AND NYMag. So now what does it mean double rainbow? Well I’m hoping that my hard work and aspirations will start to pay off with a new job so that I can afford to do more with my blog/youtube/iReport. I’ve been investing in myself and dreams but it costs money so am hoping a new job will finally give me a cushion to do (PT my hobby). The economy is picking up (from my point of view) with job vacancies that fit my skill set like a second skin. Now to get interviews and an offer! So to everyone try to stay positive! Keep putting one foot in front of another and when you trip get back up. I find that have a five year plan with incremental goals that I’m able to attain has kept me on an even keel even when it gets choppy. When I get really stressed out I try to look at the bright side of things and count my blessings. But when I can’t see the good when it feels like the world is falling all around me well I swallow my pride and reach out to friends. Usually with a phone call about nothing or an email for me positive contact works wonders. Heck petting a dog or cat always cheers me up .. well dog is my first choice!

Back to the horoscope well it’s funny that one of them said Tuesday is a game changer (my words) so am going to follow up again on a job lead. I’ve put my love life on the back burner till my job settles down. Anyway I want to get in touch with my body and try to workout. All of the classes I love are way to expensive for me right now so am going to try to run Mizuno running shoes since they are great for my knees (no pain!). So need to start walking at the least everyday and am going to try to take advantage of free/cheap classes with the city.


Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Money could be coming your way with Tuesday‘s full moon in your       second house of income, so be prepared to receive a financial benefit. Because this full moon unfurls in Leo, you may receive gold or gold jewelry, the precious metal most associated with the kingly lion of the zodiac.


Cancer (June 21-July 22): If you don’t want to ruin your buzz, then don’t make any promises for the long-term future. Sure, you love security, but you also don’t want someone else to choke hold you into something that you haven’t thought through Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of August 25-31, 2014because of the light state-of-mind you’ll be lost in now. As it goes, others won’t get your sense of humor this and will be taking your words verbatim.

Best Lay Day: Monday, February 2


Cancer: Ca-ching! Today, the full moon in Leo and your second house of income could bring rapid developments for your Cancerfinancial life. You could get word of a job offer or be tapped for a promotion. With entrepreneurial Jupiter sitting close to this full moon, that money could flow in from a more independent source. Consider working on contract, picking up a side gig, or even moonlighting as the CEO of Cancer, Inc. Are you ready to tender that resignation? This full moon brings the courage to walk away from unfulfilling employment that’s draining the life out of you.

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