Checking out CoolHaus store in Culver City, CA

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I got to go into the CoolHaus Store in Culver City and speak with the staff about working in the most WONDERFUL ice cream shop in the World!!!  Not shockingly it’s a great place to work, nice staff, great management and of course a super cute well designed little shop on the main strip of Culver City.  I am even more in love with CoolHaus after seeing the new product addition to the lineup.  I had a hot cocoa that was out of this world (salted caramel) that was so tasty on a chilly fall day that was handmade right in front of us and that from the first sip made my knees weak!  So check out the video and if your looking for a delicious treat to take to a holiday party, service with your Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or other celebration make your way to CoolHaus in Culver City, CA.  If you bring one of those great cakes you will be the most popular guest EVER!!!!

I personally adore Natasha and Freya for creating some of the most yummy flavor combinations of ice and cookies that one day (fingers crossed) when I get married I will be having a CoolHaus Ice Cream Wedding Cake!!!!  Hopefully they’ll be kind enough to create our own unique flavor for for a wedding or engagement party.  I just need to find a man and make him my (non-existent) husband!!!  tee hee

About CoolHaus

Natasha and Freya started baking cookies and making ice cream in Freya’s mom’s kitchen in the Fall of 2008. They named the flavor combinations after architects and architectural movements they were inspired by and started experimenting with recipes and testing them on friends. It seemed like a fun art project with “farchitecture” in mind ie food + architecture.

One day it occurred to Freya and Natasha that an ice cream truck would be a perfect way to disseminate their ice cream sandwiches (and architecture dialogue) around the city of LA. The truck would be a nod to the past tradition of the Good Humor man selling ice cream novelties around neighborhoods, but with a modern twist – not to mention the long-withstanding popularity of taco trucks around LA and the rapidly growing infatuation with “gourmet” food trucks. The timing seemed perfect, now all Freya and Natasha needed was a truck!

They found a postal truck on Craigslist and were able to afford it with money they had saved from their other jobs. They prepared the truck and their product for their launch at Coachella Valley Music Festival in April of 2009 where the product was very well received – and when they came back to LA, they had generated a strong buzz and following.

Today, they have a fleet of 4 trucks in LA, 2 trucks and 1 cart in NY, 2 trucks in Austin, 2 trucks in Miami, a newly launched storefront in Culver City, CA and even have their ice cream sandwiches at Southern California Whole Foods Markets. They hope to continue to expand to other cities nationally, and maybe even globally (doesn’t hurt to dream, right?)!

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