Happy Free eBook Friday! The Emperor’s Knife by Mazarkis Williams

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Well it’s Friday and you know what that means a free book courtesy of Barnes and Noble!  Yahoo it’s fantasy today so my cup overflows with geeky joy!  I’ll be saving this gem for SDCC in July!


Free Fridays: The Emperor’s Knife by Mazarkis Williams 

by JeremyCesarec 4 hours ago
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“A riveting and intense debut…will keep fans of grim fantasy entirely enthralled.”

– Publishers Weekly


In today’s Free Fridays Book selection, Mazarkis Williams’ dark and complex debut fantasy novel The Emperor’s Knife, a plague that scars the bodies of its victims is ravaging the Cerani Empire. When its patterns start to cover a sufferer’s skin they know that death—or servitude to an evil Pattern Master—will soon befall them. To curb the Pattern Master’s power, Emperor Beyon decrees that anyone with the telltale marks be put to death.


But now the Emperor himself is afflicted with the disease, and once it reaches his face, his dangerous secret will be exposed. As he pushes the great minds of his empire to find a cure, powerful forces align to expose him and grasp power from his ailing hands.


Williams’ powerful series continues in the next book, Knife Sworn, available now for NOOK.


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