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NBC is going back to 2006 with their hit science fiction drama Heroes coming back for a mini-series in 2015.  Is NBC adding to its geek program and testing the waters with a fan favorite?

All the other networks have been garnering major success with science fiction shows from CW (which I call the new Sci Fi teen network) to ABC using their own fairy tale archives to reboot fantasy on the small screen.   But NBC was the network that I grew up watching with science fiction action and comedies that kept me tuning in every week.  I may not be the perfect person pondering this new extension of (what I’m sure they are hoping will be their own Star Trek) since I never found Heroes very appealing.  I think the tagline ‘Save the Cheerleader’ left me super cold because of my being a major nerd wallflower in high school so unpopular I didn’t even get teased (totally invisible).   I had friends who LOVED the show even those who had never given a thought to any of the Star Trek series, seen Blakes 7 and thought Doctor Who was a medical drama (the horror).  Since the show  is coming back I’ll have to watch old episodes to see if I want to jump on the heroes train since I have a suspicion it will be one wild ride especially with NBC’s plans to have a digital series.  I’ve watched a couple of their online series and they are always a great way to enrich the broadcasts.


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