Have you met Tubi

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You had me at free streaming service

The streaming wars are gearing up and are taking a bomb to my entertainment budget! I THOUGHT I was Big’s chocolate Carrie Bradshaw so imagine my disappointment that my Prince Charming didn’t ring my bell with red bottom shoes in a bow or an engagement ring! Happily, Tubi isn’t a consolation prize for my subscription fatigue. I plan to spend NYE alone at home with a glass of chilled rose and my new boyfriend Tubi! So many choices to mourne all my bad luck in 2019 and welcome new possibilities for 2020. I could do reality with the Bachelorette yelling at her bad choice in men or go totally drama with Imperium as my boy toy Danielle Radcliffe hangs up his wand for an undercover police badge. So many choices and all free!

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